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What's up Biatches!!!! Remember me?! Lol. A lil birdie told me you were planning shenanigans w/o moi....that is just "unpossible"!!

PJC...don't make me have to tell you again, get it together!!

Hey HB!!!

No apologies necessary. Born and raised in the Midwest and I'm not a fan lol.

Well, I'm getting on the road shortly. Later!

MA, I'm leaving at 10. Should be there by 12:30 - 1. I'm going to go to the hotel first. I think registration starts at 1:30. If anything, I'll just leave my stuff locked in the trunk.

Lol @ you taking over his room.

B...when do you leave for ATL?

You are not crashing early! Text e when you're able to check in. I'm going to try to check in before I register. I'll be the one in the brown peep toe stilettos...lmao.

Didn't know you were an overachieving snob. Good thing you're going to NYU.

Travel safely!

Do people really dress like bums at these things? I pretty much wear heels everyday and that's what I'm packing. It was fine at NW. Is it going to be weird at Mich? Not that I care if I'm judged by a bunch of snobbish overachievers. 

Wow. Creepy.

Walk?! What's that?

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