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I found it on Netflix. CA really needs to get rid of these unaccredited schools and tighten the standards of some of the accredited ones *cough* Loyola *cough*

Lawyer Walks Into a Bar is f'n unnerving.

Hey Tim!! I'm excited. Should be a fun time.

Elaboration needed my darling...

Yes (still kinda holding out hope for UVA but I haven't read up on their waitlist movement) and Yes. Looking for flights today.

Are you going to Emory?

Morning all!

So apparently there's been a lot of switching and moving around going on. So where is everyone actually heading in the fall?

St. Clair? My hometown?

<-----was raised a short distance from St. Clair Ave.

Oh're so predictable lol

I would love to come to Denver, don't ski, but I'll just drink with my roomie lol. Are you going to Denver Law?

Yes I am lil birdie lol.

And yikes at your dentist story. Bad female dog indeed!

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