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Exactly Roomie!!! Lmao. Sounds like a personal problem...

:walks away singing the Dream's "I love your girl" - she like f*** that n****:

:thinks PJC is either a hater or um, something else:

:imagines naughty thing that will happen between me and hot B in Nash-Vegas:

I'd just like to add that I think B is hot *whispers "call me"*

:knows the way of the woman even better:

Lol @ me using LSAT logic, if you were going for irrational, you hit it with that comment lol

Ouch!! He said "at least" roomie...leaves room for one more lol.

Nope. (Hometown) to St. Louis isn't exactly an upgrade. The money might have helped scholarship negotiation earlier but its no good now.

I honestly thought my rejection was lost. Also, their deadline is today. Just weird.

Meanwhile, after not hearing from them all cycle, I was admitted to WUSTL with a 41,000 scholly per year.

Ithaca...bah humbug!

Seriously mbw, I've lived all over that hellhole (and worked in the law library) so if you need suggestions/feedback let me know.

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