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I created two statements with two different approaches. Can you help me decide which one to choose? Send me yours as well, if you like.

Anna Ivey's book. google it.

send it over. Will you read mine?

send me yours and I'll send you mine!

I PM'ed it to you Chris. Send me yours and I'll take a look at it. I could use some suggestions on the ending, it's a bit weak.

2nd version.....any takers! is riveting!

Are you going to pursue public interest? I would not talk about that if you are going into IP or something like that. Also, if you had one internship at the DV clinic and majored in finance, don;t use that topic. The best advice I have had with regard to PS is to make the most of your assets.

I would like some feedback on my PS. I have several ideas and this one is actually a merger. It is a rough draft. It is about my child protection experience. I am aiming for all 5 schools in Georgia. Let me know and I will send it your way!


When you do the setup create two levels. One level will be for the title of the teacher and the other will be the name of the teacher. If I am correct, it will become clearer as to who can and cannot go where.

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