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Sorry for the lack of content. I just did not make the connection that both conditions can occur simultaneously. I thought one had to occur for the other to occur but I did understand that either can come first. So, basically a necessary condition can also be a sufficient condition and visa versa, right? In order for them to happen at the same time, I need to conceptualize the event co-occurring in my head. Is this correct?

ahhhh I think I get it!! Any more would be very beneficial!!

243 do they?? Any examples would be helpful!

(Love that cat)

What is FTW?

I am moving to London, England for a couple of years and I am going to take the LSAT while I am there. Currently, Testmasters only offers weekend courses in London. Kaplan is the only other Prep company that offers anything there and they offer a full-length course. I am studying well on my own, but I feel the need to take a course also. I have heard negative stories about Kaplan, but is it better that only two days with Testmasters? Which course would you suggest taking?? Thanks for the feedback.

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