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I was under the impression that bt was only saying that GULC did better in DC than UVA, not that it did better than any other school.

Anecdotally, a YLS friend of mine told me last year that about half her class seemed to be summering in DC.

That's right.  I don't think there's any doubt that Yale is the best placing school anywhere, for anything, and that data might only suggest otherwise due to self-selection. 

But as the OP was asking about UVA and Georgetown, I think UVA is the winner in pretty much every field (PI may be different).

Go to UT.  And be sure to inform UT of Baylor's scholarship...I don't know if it'll get them to give you anything, but it's worth a shot.

Either way, you'll be graduating with much less debt than most people by going to UT and getting an amazing education.  Baylor really can't compare when it comes to placement, though Baylor's a decent school for the Texas market. 

Why can't we have more threads like this?  What has happened to LSD?  Where is the drama?

According to this, a slightly higher percentage of Gtown students place in DC compared to Virginia.

But when it comes to elite firm placement in DC, data from firms like Covington and Burling, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, Gibson, Dunn, and Crutcher, etc. suggests Virginia is the clear winner.  Virginia is also quite a bit better for clerkship/academia placement.

UT is by far the best school you've gotten into and the best deal.  It also has fantastic national placement for a non-T14 that is rivaled only by the likes of Vandy and perhaps UCLA. 

I'm a CLS 2L and I have several friends at NYU.  The impression I have is that CLS is a bit harder than NYU, which probably makes people less happy.  My friends at NYU who have been very academically successful worked hard, but didn't kill themselves.  Everyone I know who is really successful at CLS seems to work constantly.  If I had to guess, the difference is probably in overall class attitude.  It seems like NYU students as a whole care more about maintaining a normal life while the CLS students will generally sacrifice quite a bit for their grades.

Of course, if you don't care about being law review/top of your class, CLS is a more social experience.  But, it seems like for the most part the people who really enjoy themselves at CLS are not the academic stars.  My experience with NYU students indicates that you can do really well without working yourself into the ground.

Just my limited observation.

This also seems to be the reputation each school has on the law school forums I've been on, and was a pretty big factor in my decision.

That's unfortunate to hear, but I feel like there are many people that go to NYU because they truly want to.  A few bad anecdotes shouldn't turn you off too much, though the part about people goofing off a lot in class is bad.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: University of Chicago Class of 2012
« on: January 02, 2009, 04:03:47 PM »
2012 is scary. Congrats.

You guys realize that by the time you graduate, the world will end before you can even start working right?  So the last 3 years of your lives will be spent at Chicago.   :-[

Dude, chill out.  Why don't you actually visit the school at ASW, rather than deciding on the basis of internet hearsay?

This website is not representative of Chicago.  Period.  If you visited, you would see that it's full of normal, fun-loving people with good employment prospects.  Are there a few intense people such as myself?  Yes.  But you're misguided and/or naive if you think that these people don't exist at NYU or CLS in equal measure.  I almost went to one of those schools.

Finally, for the record, Dean Levmore is hilarious, but he does alienate people sometime with his wacky, frank sense of humor.  Just because someone on TLS said that Dean Levmore is a "jackass dean" doesn't mean it's true.  If you actually met Dean Levmore, which you will at ASW, you would realize that he's a funny guy whose sarcasm comes across in the wrong way sometimes.

I'm all for offensive humor, but if the story quoted on TLS was true it was pretty harsh.  Which is why I'm having a tough time believing it, though.

That's why NYU sucks, Columbia doesn't need to remind people that it is prestigious.  But seriously, this is a purely personal choice (if you are only worried about atmosphere).

NYU 2011 here. Love it here, can't see myself anywhere else. Everyone here is very happy and I've actually heard of or met several transfers from other T10 schools (including Harvard). One thing, for example, that the students generally enjoy is weekly flag football with the usual drinks afterwards. It seems like almost everyone here plays, guys and girls, younger and older students.

On a more personal note, I'm very into live music. I've met a ton of people here who are into the live music scene, something I have heard is hard to find at other law schools.

Anyway, it's a great decision to have, and I wish you the best of luck choosing. It all comes down to where you will feel more comfortable. Visit both, go to the ASDs, and talk to the current students to get the most information you can to make a very important decision. You will get a great education and receive the same opportunities at both schools.

Lol at your attempt.

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