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Go, Irxxy!  You get something... and hopefully not at the 300 mile boundary ;)

So, serious thought of the day... is it a waste of a T14 education to aspire to be a "small-town" (okay, small city) property lawyer?  To want to hang out a shingle post-bar?

I'm going to go to Equal Justice Works in DC in October I think, if I don't have anything by then.  I'm meeting with my career adviser this afternoon, but I doubt she'll tell me anything other than "apply! network!"  I'm sure ya'll saw the ATL post about my school.  I'm kinda worried since I'm looking at a very niche area of law for next summer

I think I'll probably be at EJW in DC as well -- there are a few NDN orgs that have recruited there in the past, so I suspect they'll be there again.  However, I'm really looking for something in my own niche market (yeah, as if NDN law wasn't niche-y enough, I'm niche-ing within a niche...)  I figure if it I can't find anything, I'll just spend the summer in Italy at the international art crime program.

And thanks for the info on our undercover TM...

I'm lost... who is ElFiery?  CM?

I admit that I post here and there on TLS -- mostly out of complete boredom since LSD has gone on life-support.  But 95% of the posters are complete DBs... I'm left in a complete funk that these are the majority of punks who will be our colleagues someday.  Blech.

ION, I did not fill out any bids for OCI.  Just not gonna do it.  :P

Hey, Congrats, PJC!  That's a good place, and you should be very happy there.  If all the faculty are like the guy I met out at Ocracoke in '08, you're very lucky.

Did anyone see what the curve was on that test? -12 for a 170 and there was even a removed question. I wonder if it's the hordes of underprepared "ZOMG I CAN'T FIND A JOB WITH MY LEISURE AND RECREATION STUDIES DEGREE!!!!!!!!!111111111111Q!?/" people who are making it easier for those who prepped?

I can understand freaking out a bit leading up to taking the test, but freaking out while waiting a few hours for the score is weak sauce.  Anyone that prepped and practiced decently well should have a pretty good idea, within a few points, of how they did.  I'm always baffled by the people who end up with a score ~10 points lower than their claimed practice test average who also thought they did really well after the test. 

True, but the difference between a 168 and 171 is huge nowadays.

True. I honestly didn't feel any different between my first and second test, even though there was a 5 pt. difference. And, I'm sure those 5 points made a difference in where I ended up.

I thought I did just as badly on #3 (+9) as 1 and 2 .  Goes to show you perceptions are totally whacked when it comes to these things.

And I'm totally LOLing over the L & R degree... (and glad I ended up where I'm at...)

Anyone else get a sick sense of enjoyment watching the fresh meat on TLS panic over their impending LSAT scores?

So glad it's not me.

I still haven't purchased my tickets for London, as it now looks like that other damn (and much, much bigger) volcano is going to blow in the next few weeks.  Arg!  I specifically requested NO NATURAL DISASTERS in July... I mean, WTF?  Customer service really sucks these days...

Yay... remembered to take my ADD meds ... in the afternoon... So much for sleep tonight.... anyone want to play scrabble? 

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