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Law School Applications / I Regret Sending a Preemptive LOCI
« on: February 24, 2008, 08:15:58 PM »

As the days go on, I feel slightly worse about it.  It wasn't as convincing as it could have been, and I made a spelling error in the LOCI, so it might harm me in some way.

Moral of the story: everything in its right place, no fluff.  All of my "Why X" essays were catastrophes, as anyone who read my Why Michigan will tell you.  Either put your maximum effort and brilliance behind it, or don't do it.   

*sighs heavily*

General Off-Topic Board / LSD D-Dubbers Unite!
« on: February 22, 2008, 07:15:40 PM »
Regardless of what anyone says, I'm proud to be a d-dubber, just like troublemaker and possibly Stotan.  You were either here or you weren't, and post counts are precious.

<-- Wishes he could delete threads as well.   :o

General Off-Topic Board / Bored Wally Taking Questions
« on: February 21, 2008, 12:45:31 AM »

I'll sleep on the bus. 

Thanks to a FB poster for the thread's idea:

What do you think your "rep" will be? Will you shoot for cool kid status, or possibly "player" or "man-whore?"  "Guy who studies all the time?"  "Girl who failed contracts because she dropped Jay-Z tracks the night before the exam?"

I think I'll be "easygoing dude who knows how to have a good time."

I'm willing to negotiate if you contact me through PM, but here are the books I'm selling.  We can discuss shipping charges.

PS Logic Games Bible
PS Logical Reasoning Bible
10 Actual Official LSATs
The Next 10 Actual Official LSATS
LSAT Superprep
100 Logical Games (really helped me hone my skills)
Curvebreakers Logical Games
A Handful of PrepTests

I'll even throw in some handy advice!  I got into a few good law schools and I hope to help you.

General Off-Topic Board / I'm Flying Alaska Airlines. Any Experiences?
« on: January 25, 2008, 02:26:15 PM »
Apprently, my tickets to visit a certain school were booked through Alaska Airlines.  I've really never heard of this company, and all I can imagine when someone says Alaska is a polar bear mauling a trash can.

Any thoughts? 

You may have come to expect these type of threads from me, but here's the "dilemma" I've thought about.  Should I think about it now?  Probably not.  Have I?  I have, and I would like to ask a few pre-law and law students.  Could you interpret my question in a pejorative way?  Yeah.  Should you?  Perhaps.

After reading too many online posts, Leiter's rankings, Ciolli, and virtually every other resource I could find from Mantauk to Turow, I almost feel obligated to pick CCN now that I've happily cracked it -- and, really, I couldn't be more grateful and thrilled.  Unfortunately, this feeling is more of an obligation than a choice.  Most resources tell students to go to the "best" school they can get into, and it seems like the conventional wisdom deflates any sense of accomplishment in having, say, Michigan if you have Columbia, or even Harvard.

(Even with money, sometimes.)

So, really, how significant is the difference between these two tiers?  Do they even exist?  (Some people say "no.")  I can't really wrap my mind around a terse, simple answer, and that's because, perhaps, there isn't one.

Law School Applications / Deferred at Penn?
« on: January 22, 2008, 08:44:19 PM »
Yep.   :(  Maybe I'll send them something, but I just received a Michigan-esque type e-mail which told me they were holding my app until April.  "Although your credentials are impressive, we are limited in the amount of admission offers we can make at this point," or something to that effect (I'm paraphrasing with quotations).

Oh, well.

General Off-Topic Board / If You Could Live In Any Other Country?
« on: January 21, 2008, 02:08:34 AM »

It seems like they've maintained a trickle so far this cycle.  I don't know what to think.

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