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While extreme, there is a good amount of truth to OP post... Im 3 weeks in and I already hate law school.

Then drop the @#!* out and save yourself the time and money, either that or own up to the fact that youre a female dog.

Sounds like someone forgot to take their midol.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: JAG OPPORTUNITIES
« on: September 12, 2007, 07:36:31 AM »
There's a guy on facebook, Adam Hughes, who is a JAG recruiter offering ROTC scholarships for JAG at might want to talk to him.

Another thing: Don't ever listen to advice about what life is like in the military from someone who was never in the military. That guy who said you should join the marines is a f-ing moron. If you go USMC, you have a relatively decent chance of being pulled off of JAG and being put in command of an infantry platoon. It's happened to a friend of mine who was a finance officer.

Currently the army is not paying as high bonuses for JAG as the Navy is. I'm not really sure why Navy needs more JAGs but they do, and they have direct commission programs available for JAGs starting in any year of law school (obviously 1L and 2L are the easiest years to get in) that offer accelerated promotion rates to O-3.

I was in the army for 5 years, attached at one point to a marine corps division for 3 months. If you want to know what life is like in the military, PM me and I'll let you know.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: FIU
« on: September 12, 2007, 07:31:39 AM »
Let us also just say that if you don't have a goddamn clue what you're talking about it's probably best not to respond to the topic.   ::)


Choosing the Right Law School / Re: FIU
« on: September 10, 2007, 05:05:59 PM »
The classes are taught in English.  HTH.

Not enough of them. Especially not if the undergrad is any indication. Let's also note that if you can't understand a goddamn thing anyone else on campus is saying outside of class, you're out of luck.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: FIU
« on: September 07, 2007, 03:32:56 PM »
My experiences with FIU have been "Don't think about it if you aren't fluent in spanish".

Chart apparently includes public interest and dual partnership (i.e. 2 lawyers) firms. No wonder the bar is skewed.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Not a gator troll
« on: September 07, 2007, 03:29:37 PM »
Which Florida school.... now there's a question.

I will preface this with my usual advice. Before picking a law school, you are best served by identifying your needs. What are you looking for in the law school you want? Once you get out of the T14, this is what you need to identify. There is no universal best answer- there is only what is best for you.

Do you need to live near a beach? Then you should go to Miami or FSU. So you want to live in a major urban area? Miami. Small city? Gainesville. In-between? FSU. Want to see politics up close? FSU. Want to practice your spanish skills and plan on doing some bilingual law? Miami. Want to lower your debt level? UF or FSU, unless there's a scholarship involved. I don't know much about Stetson, although I've heard their trial law program is very well respected.

And so on...

But let's say money is not an object, and you have no sense of self, and you just think, "Hey, I'd like to go to school in Florida!" How do you rank them?

hype thinks UF is all rerp, and on his visit, they had an attitude that you should feel blessed just to go there. Well, there's a reason for this. UF has traditionally been the crown jewel of the Florida University system, and the law school is the most prestigious one in Florida. Is it the 'best' one? Define 'best'. The argument about being too far away from a major metro area to get a job in Gainesville doesn't hold water- while it means that summer internships may require a move (as is the case with many schools), UF is much close to the growth markets of Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa than Miami is. But that's really a distinction without a difference.

You ask how to rank the schools. I think that the rankings in USNWR accurately depict the pecking order in the state. This is not the difference between Hah-vahd and Suffolk in the Boston area... but they're a little farther apart than BU and BC. Define what you want, then choose the school that tbest matches your desires. In my case, I only applied to UF, because I knew that it was the only school in Florida I'd be happy at. You couldn't pay me to live in Miami, and Tallahassee has always seemed like a cross between Albany and an ambien.

They are all, however, fine schools, and if you do well, you'll do okay in post-graduation employment.

Unless, of course, you're a UF graduate interviewing with an FSU graduate after the Gators just shellacked the 'Noles. Then you're on your own.

FSU near a beach? No. Shell point and apalachicola bay does not really count as a "beach".

This shouldn't even be a consideration. If you get into UF, you go to UF. It's 41 in the USNEWS rankings and it's 33 in the Leiter Top 35 rankings.

UF has one of the nation's top Tax and environmental law programs. Also, their administration is fabulous, and Dean Jerry is especially great and accessible.

Despite FSU's location in Tallahassee, there actually aren't that many opportunities available  in really is a college town.

FSU law school is certainly prettier than UF's, and if you are interested in Criminal law they are highly regarded due to their programs working with the school of criminology (one of the top in the world). (disclosure: I went to FSU undergrad).

Stetson is a backup school, like Nova.

Miami is simply a shithole. The law school is *&^%, it's not a competitive education, Miami is a bad place to live, and UM even worse of a location, and if you're interested in spanish programs, consider going to a school that offers extensive international law programs that offers a legal rhetoric in spanish course. Miami spanish ≠ rest of world spanish. FIU would be a better choice.

AU has one of the best programs for international law and human rights.  I would personally go to AU before some higher ranked schools...

Specialty rankings don't mean much in the real world, though, unless you're somehow guaranteed of getting a job in those fields (contacts, etc.)

They do when they're international law and public interest law, when you can easily guarantee yourself a job in those fields by simply working for the government, or working in a foreign country.

I've read your blog from time to time, I dig it.  Here's a question for ya, and I'm not trying to be pretenious at all by asking it...

American is widely considered to be the #3 school in DC, and when I visited DC early this summer it seemed that alot of GW and GT students have a negative view of American...why do you think this is the case?  A reason that kept coming up was that American is "out of the way" in DC and not really in touch with the city, or so they felt.  American is def a quality institution and it's got a good ranking, so I'm not trashing the school at all, as I will probably be applying there (as well as to GW), but why do you think fellow DC students hold this view?

A lot of GWU and GULC kids are pretentious. But they're right to think that go to a better school than American, I mean, those schools are higher ranked, and yeah, it is the #3 school in D.C. On the other hand, the "out of the way" reason is pretty much bull. Ok, the reasoning for that is that American is in the N.W. most corner of the district. If you're not familiar with the area, it's divided into 4 quadrants (NW, SW, NE, SE) centered on the Capitol. GULC and GWU are a lot closer to the central areas of DC than American, which is up in the Tenleytown neighborhood by the National Cathedral (just past embassy row). AU is known for its international law programs, so its location as being surrounded by embassies is perfect for that purpose. Plus, it's less than 10 minutes on the Metro to get to K St., the White House, Capitol South, Judiciary Square etc.

Basically, it's GULC and GWU kids bitching because so many American students live in Maryland. Personally, I live in the district, at Logan Circle, and don't find it hard at all to get to AU in the mornings. The shuttle from the metro stop runs every 15 minutes and it's free. AU is a hub for public interest law, so it has just as much access for you as a student at the Pentagon, or on the Hill, etc. as the other schools do.

1. American is expensive relative to the types of post grad job prospects available to the average student there.

2. American is a very regional school, so most students will likely be stuck in the hyper competitive DC legal job market.

3. Even Gtown and GW take a backseat to students from the very top schools (HYS) when it comes to obtaining employment.

4. "Good Ranking" means nothing because as you'll learn in a year or so, rankings of law school mean very little beyond the top 25 or so schools. Yes, the drop off in job prospects really is that drastic.

1. It's expensive, but quite a few Vault 100 firms OCI there and regularly take summers from AU. American has between 10-25% of grads go into public sector though, but AU is really good about paying off loans if you go public.

2. Uh no.

3. True.

4. Not so much as you imply. Job prospects are also based on who OCI's at your school, what your class percentage is (i.e. top 15% or maybe top 30% at top schools, as skaddenfreude keeps implying), did you journal/law review, moot court/mock trial, clinic, etc.

Yeah, American is expensive. It also has a great faculty, and if you're looking to do international or public interest law, it's unparalleled in those areas.

Taking questions, I've been at American since the summer.

Also, I have a law school blog available at that has a good bit of information about law school, and what it is like to be in DC.

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