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If you don't have the numbers for UCLA or USC, why are you totally skipping USD? You don't think you can get in there either?

From what I've read, California Western doesn't have the strong and spread out alumni base that Loyola has and as someone else said, Loyola has a better reputation for whatever reason. It IS the second best school in San Diego, but the legal market there is relatively small and there are already so many good law schools in California. However, my research has turned up very positive things about the school itself, and the communication that I've had with them has been the best I've had with any law school so far. With the right money, I would not be opposed to going to this school at all.

I think you should apply to all 3 and, honestly, go with the one that gives you the most money. They are all ranked pretty low in an overcrowded market. I think the best thing would be to graduate with the least amount of debt as possible and hustle for the job you want.

P.S. Are you applying straight out of undergrad?

I had looked at USD before and was pretty close to the bottom 25%'s for LSAT and GPA.  However, I retook the LSAT in December and with the classes I've taken this semester, I should raise my GPA (not by a lot, but enough to make me more competitive)

I'll have to give them another look and see if I stand a better chance now.  As far as my situation, yes I am going to law school straight after completing my undergrad in May.

Any reason why Cal Western is seemingly the last pick for everyone?  If I put aside thoughts of going into entertainment law...don't you think Cal Western would be an ideal choice?  I'd say it's argueably the second best school in San Diego.  If I recall correctly, job prospects for somewhere around the top 25 - 30% of the class are pretty good.

But who knows, I may be off on that guess.

So I'm looking at Loyola, Southwestern, and Cal Western as possible options to apply to for Fall 08.  Although UCLA or USC might be better options if I'm looking at practicing in California, I don't quite have the grades or LSAT scores to get in to those schools.

Does anyone have any opinion or thoughts on Loyola, Southwestern, or Cal Western??  Would you rank one of them above the others??  etc...

Just an fyi, I'm not positive on what area of law I want to persue at this point...but entertainment law does intrigue me.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Distribution of Answers
« on: December 03, 2007, 04:46:20 PM »
I got the same thing on some of the sections.  I had a couple letters in a row...kinda got worried about it, but figured it could have just been the random placement of the correct answers...

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Dec LSAT 2007 - experimental = LR
« on: December 01, 2007, 01:59:04 PM »
Ya, I had 2 LR sections too.


First one wasn't too bad, second was a little worse, and third just had me baffled.  Who knows though, I might have guessed correctly for some of them.

No dashed lines for me yet...just a big blank space staring right back at me.  Oh life, why can't I get my score back yet??

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / California Western
« on: October 11, 2007, 09:39:49 PM »
So what's the general thought on California Western, in San Diego?  Obviously, it would be ranked lower than USD...but looking beyond that, what do you all think of this law school??

Fyi, I currently go to school in Texas, took the LSAT in Sept and am just waiting to hear back on how I did.  In the meantime, I'm looking at some schools out on the west coast, and this one caught my eye.  (and before anyone asks, I'd need a small miracle to get into somewhere like UCLA, Hastings, or Davis)

Thanks for the input!

Law School Admissions / What to take to Forums??
« on: October 09, 2007, 08:08:36 PM »
Thought I'd ask this to all of you pros who have been to the Forums before.  I'm going to the one in Houston in a few weeks, but am I expected to bring anything?  I realize that law school reps will be there, and when talking with them, is it appropriate to have a resume or something? 

As well, business casual wouldn't look out of place, would it?  Thanks for the help!

South Texas is on my list of schools to apply to for Fall 08 as well.  From what I hear, they've got a pretty strong rep in Houston.  With that being said, UH grads typically will get the first look, but ST is def not a bottom feeder school by any means.  They're just overshadowed by the bigger law school across town.

Law School Admissions / Re: Font Size for PS??
« on: October 06, 2007, 08:36:29 PM »
I went with symbol 5pt.  If you make it too easy on them, they think you're a pushover.

Haha, good stuff.  Thanks for the laugh

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