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The only problem I foresee is that they wont even let you keep it in your baggie or under your seat or whatever and then you have to throw it out or run it to your car, or at least out of the test room, and then they start while our gone.  Not that big a deal if you run to the garbage can down the hall and back.

Good luck.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Kaplan is great
« on: July 28, 2007, 08:23:58 PM »
Some of you don't seem to realize how dumb most people are.

No matter how smart you may think you are keep in mind that it's all relative.

I dont need to put out $1200 up front for the opportunity to flirt with "hot" women.  While I'm pleased that she'll be pleasant to look at this doesnt exactly help me any.  Thanks anyway though.

God forbid, maybe what counts for being a good lawyer and being successful is more than just the name of your school on your resume. We certainly would not want to grapple with the fact that some people, regardless of where they go to school, just will not make good lawyers/make a lot of money. People here are adults (well most). Let them make their own decisions on where to go to school, let them make their own success or failure. I got enough to worry about on my own without putting so much thought into what someone else is doing with their lives.

I have to agree with Matthies on this one.  The person that is encouraging me the most to go to law school graduated from a tier 4.  He's a self employed trial lawyer now and 10 years into his career and he's doing quite well for himself.  He's a workaholic but he enjoys his downtime too.  If you market yourself right, in the right market, and you know your specialty there is no reason why you can't do well for yourself even if you go to a tier 4.

I just found out the instructors name thanks to a kind member here...  Malila Robinson.  Anyone Have any feedback on her?  Thanks.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Free proctored LSAT?
« on: July 26, 2007, 12:55:38 AM »
Free? Without signing up for a course or tutoring? 

So you think I should call again and ask a different rep what the instructors name is?  I didnt press when the rep just gave me her first name. 

First off greeat site... I've been lurking for a while and i've found it very helpful.

Now I need help with a specific question I havent found searching.  I'm about to take a power score course.  I'm waiting to register until I find out what some past students think of Melilla.  They wouldnt give me a last name.  Practicing lawyer.  BS in english.  Any and all info would be great.

I'm taking the course in New Brunswick, NJ.  Thanks in advance.

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