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Law School Applications / Should I resubmit my transcript?
« on: July 18, 2007, 12:55:44 AM »
I recently submitted my transcript to the LSDAS, and it was processed.  Just this week, I received notice that my study abroad credit has finally been posted to my transcript (it had been about four months).  My LSDAS GPA was 3.5, and my study abroad GPA is well over 3.7.

For the purposes of my school, the study abroad credits are not integrated into my overall GPA.  Will LSDAS include them in their calculations? If so, would it be good for me to resubmit now, or wait for fall grades?

Finally, is there any credence to the rumor I hear on campus (I am at UChicago) that the LSAC and law schools in general take into account how "hard" a school is? Personally, I do not buy this, since I think UChicago is not "harder" than any other school, but what is the official stance on this?  I mean, is my 3.5 from UChicago better than a 3.5 from a state school or community college in the eyes of admissions officials?

Cheers all. This is my first post. :)

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