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Dell has great prices on factory refurbished m1330s and m1530s at  I will probably be getting a m1330, simply because I want to have a small computer after having a 15.4 widescreen for a while.  You can also get it with a (somewhat) decent video card, so if you want to do some editing/gaming, it'll serve you fine.

Talking to a friend of mine, he told me that I shouldn't need more than 2GB of RAM, but if you plan on keeping Vista (I don't--downgrading to XP) and doing a lot of other stuff beyond wordprocessing and such, you might want to consider 3GB, though that is likely serious overkill. 80GB of HD space seems a bit on the small side, especially if you plan on migrating your music over to it.  My current comp has a 120GB HD, which is fine for me, but I think the m1330 starts with a 160GB HD, which is more than enough.

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: Do I need to purchase a suit?
« on: June 20, 2008, 06:14:28 PM »
The more important question is, is it a T-5?  Then you'll almost certainly need french-cuffs.

lol, very nice.

Personally I kinda like French Cuffs.  Cuff links are fun.

Cuff links?  Pssssh, silk knots are the only way to go, of course.

That's my attempt of the day at a joke.  In all seriousness though, any kind of cuff links can come off somewhat a-hole-ish, but that is the problem with any accessory.  Being conservative with them, however, does not mean boring.  You can have a strong sense of style without being over-the-top.

LSAC and LSDAS / Re: Impact of majors assumed as "fluffy"
« on: June 20, 2008, 10:41:25 AM »
I was a "fluff" major (English Lang & Lit) at a peer school to UVa (UChicago) and it didn't really hurt me.  I applied with a 3.48 and graduated with a 3.63, so maybe the upward trend helped, but as long as you bust ass on the LSAT, a solid GPA is a solid GPA.  There is some truth in the "Legally Blonde" method--a 4.0 from anywhere in any major is still a 4.0

Wait List / Re: GW wait list
« on: June 19, 2008, 05:00:47 PM »
I guess there is now absolutely no chance I'll be going anywhere other than Cornell.  DC was a nice dream while it lasted.

Wait List / Re: GW wait list
« on: June 17, 2008, 03:19:26 PM »
The email is below.  It is about a week old now, so I'm not sure if it is the one you are thinking of.

Dear Super Awesome Dude,

I hope this message finds you well and enjoying the early days of summer.  As promised by Dean Cornblatt, I'm e-mailing to give you an update on the waiting list situation at Georgetown University Law Center.

We have now received all of our second, and final, set of tuition deposits.  While we thought it was possible that some spaces would open up in Georgetown's entering class, the response to our deadline was quite strong.  Thus, we do not expect to make many offers in the near future.

We also understand that many of you are faced with deadlines at other schools and that this delay may mean that you will need to go forward with your enrollment plans elsewhere.

Thank you for your continuing interest in Georgetown.


Sophia Sim

Wait List / Re: GW wait list
« on: June 13, 2008, 12:57:40 AM »
Got an email yesterday telling me that they'd likely not get very many more WL offers out.  Meh, whatever. 

I took the October 07 LSAT, which was the first to have the parallel reading questions.  I'd say not to stress. If you are solid on RC in general, you will do fine on the parallels.  Just be sure to underline key terms if you are prone to forgetting them.

Law School Applications / Re: Cornell Decision Waiting Room
« on: June 05, 2008, 03:18:52 PM »
Remember that anyone can get GradPLUS assuming there is not something disastrous in their credit and they are not a member of Al-Qaeda. Seriously, I've known some people with pretty bad credit (credit card defaults, and that sort of thing) but they still got GradPLUS.

I'd take UPenn.

You need to register at  You enter your info there, they check it, and send you your NetID and a confirmation code via snail mail.

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