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« on: December 29, 2007, 10:33:59 AM »
The cream rises to the top.

Remember, you're the cream. No one else is even trying. lol

Of course I am.
Seriously though, this is absurd.
You either go into law because you want to be a lawyer or because you want to make cash.
If you don't know that the market is extremely competitive, you really aren't likely to be bright enough to be a competent lawyer.
If this surprised you to hear about, you are either from the moon or live in a closeted world.

« on: December 29, 2007, 10:31:36 AM »

What we can do is go to a system with national healthcare.  Posting supposed solutions to an anonymous dude's problems on a chat board he'll never read isn't going to do much.

It's also good that the OP posted this.  People should know what they're getting into.

Do you prefer Hillary's vision, where you don't get any choices and are forced to deal with government run hospitals and diminishing doctor skill or the system in Canada, where you have to wait 6-9 months for simple procedures?  
I'm not to fond of the idea of having to fly to india to have my appendix out because the government, who can't pave roads, also can't manage healthcare.
Like communsim, nationalized healthcare SOUNDS great.
But who runs it?  Government.
The same government who can't handle IRS returns that occur once a year.
The same government that can't find a way to pay benefits to soldiers home from war.
The same government that has 'congress' that meets 1-3 times a week, sometimes not meeting for weeks at a time.
And why would a student work hard to excel at undergrad and then kill themselves to become doctors again?  What is their motivation?  When the financial reward drops, so will the quality of our healthcare.
We don't need nationalized medicine - we need a shift in the way medicine is practiced from reactive to proactive and preventative.

« on: December 29, 2007, 10:23:37 AM »
Thanks for this post. I don't know what people are thinking borrowing $150,000 for a tier 2 law school.

Probably "I want to be a lawyer."
Not everyone is in it only for the money.
Morons found out in the early 80's that if they could manage a JD, they could be rich morons.
Just like morons figured out in the early 60's that if they went to college, they could be middle class morons.
The cream rises to the top.
My brother has been an attorney for 11 years.  The only people who ever gave a *&^% where he went to law school was the first firms he applied to.
He hated it, then hung his own shingle with a few partners and now makes great money doing what he wants how he wants to.
If you didn't know that the market is flooded, you are truly a moron - drop out and find something else to do with your life.
There have been more students in law school than lawyers for decades now.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Iraq War
« on: December 18, 2007, 07:04:40 PM »
I PM'd the guy on LSN to let him know what this fine, upstanding 'christian' was threatening.

how considerate of you.

I didn't think he'd appreciate christianlawyer09 threatening to ruin his career by falsely reporting that he was behaving unethically.
He is who he is and I am someone else.
Of course, Marshall would likely laugh at him, but ethically, I thought he at least deserved to know.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Iraq War
« on: December 18, 2007, 06:59:37 PM »
by sheer coincidence, the jeffislouie account on LSN now shows completely different information than it did an hour ago.  and all the school data is now hidden.  crazy.

I incorrectly thought this was a good place to share and gather information

i find it remarkable how many people wander into this place thinking this.  they should put up some sort of warning saying that this is totally not the case.

I PM'd the guy on LSN to let him know what this fine, upstanding 'christian' was threatening.
What you didn't see was the 3 pm's he sent me threatening to contact Marshall, which is laughable.
But jeffislouie at LSN pm'd me back and deleted his info.
As for the type of board this is, my bad.
Sometimes I see some good stuff here, but most of the time it just ends up being a weak XOXO or the worst of IMDB, where people threaten death and violence because someone said they didn't like a movie or an actor.
Very well -
CHRISTIANlawyer09 should change his name.  I'm not sure our lord and savior would be very happy with his behavior.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Iraq War
« on: December 18, 2007, 06:50:12 PM »

This guy is a total liar and impersonating a vet.

He's a freakin' 31 year old who was just accepted to John Marshall according to his posts on LSD and LSN.  I'm 31, and I was in the 8th grade in Desert Storm.  Real classy pretending to be a vet when you're not and making a mockery out of their pain, past and current.  What a loser.

Wrong dude, sir.
You should probably consider doing more research before you spout off at the 'christian' mouth.
Mmmm, Christ was big on investigating other people, jumping to conclusions, and threatening other people, right CHRISTIANlawyer09?I must have missed the portion of the bible that inspired you to behave like Christ and persecute someone else, making assumptions, harrassing them, and threatening to contact a law school to "report" something that has nothing to do with anything.
Very Christ-like.
Here's why douchebags like you will always suck -
If you are 31, then you were 15 or 16.  Apparently, you were in 8th grade.  That's something to brag about.
And while I did just get into Marshall, I'm not 31 - I'm 35.  Which would have made me 19 when I signed up.
But hey, keep on living the christian dream. 
You threatened to contact John Marshall - I sincerely hope you do.  Of course, the only way for your statement to have any creedence would require you to leave personal information.  Please do that as well.  I'm sure your school would like to hear that you are making threats and accusations based on circumstantial evidence.
One more thing - F this board.  I'm out.
I incorrectly thought this was a good place to share and gather information, but I was wrong.  It is a place overpopulated with egotistical morons and hypocrites with a severe shortage of ethical, reasonable people.
Too bad.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Iraq War
« on: December 17, 2007, 08:11:49 AM »
"you know nothing about julie, asswipe.

and no one can reasonably question making fun of gump.

just say no to drugs, baby."

What I know about Julie is the following:
She hates Bush.
She hates the war in Iraq.
She ignores valid points and uses ad hominem to attack those who disagree with her.
She is more than happy to spew anti-bush rhetoric.
She thinks that anyone who doesn't think like her is on drugs or stupid.
Bush bashing is not cool anymore doll.  Quite the opposite.  It's rather childish and silly and indicitive of the sort of person that most folks ignore and laugh at behind their backs.
So keep it up.  You're only two or three years behind the times.
You represent everything that is wrong with our country.  Sure, in the heydey of spitting on soldiers you would be a popular chick, but nowadays?  You are pathetic.
I'm done.
Arguing with you is like arguing with a 4 year old.  You just don't get it and no matter how many times I explain it, you just keep saying the same things.
Good for you.  You've closed your mind and made a decision to hate our President.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Iraq War
« on: December 17, 2007, 08:06:48 AM »

So you have leukemia that was caused by a chem in Desert Storm?  What kind of chem?  Where did you encounter it?  What unit were you in?  It's taken 16 years to show up?  That sure is a coincidence and hard to believe given the topic here.  I'm calling BS on that one.

Furthermore, all of the problems you named are at the core a lack of manpower on our part.  I can tell you assumed I meant how many troops are actually in country at any given time.  That's not what I meant.  I meant we can't fight OIF and OEF, fight the GWOT in other areas such as the HOA, fight the drug war in South America, maintain the security of South Korea, maintain our commitments in Europe, be ready to respond to an attack on Taiwan, AND guard our borders effectively with the small amount of personnel we have available today.  This is not 1991, sir.  Tell the Army Staff Sgt. who hasn't seen his wife in 15 months and has deployed to various locations 5 times in the last five years that we don't have a manpower shortage.

Moreover, I'm not talking about the short-term troop surge and how effective that has been in Iraq.  It has certainly helped.  But that will only work as long as we can keep troops at that level in the country.  Since we have very, very, very few troops left at home, we can't keep them at the levels they need to be to get the Iraqis deprogrammed enough to make them stop wanting to kill each other.  You say our men and women are not asking for more troops.  Partially right. The generals aren't asking, because they've been told that such requests will be denied.  So they don't ask.  That's how the military works.  Frankly, that comment shows that don't know what's really going on over there.  Your comments are a  laundry list of talking points that sound like they came off talk radio. 

Just so you know, I'm a conservative Republican who voted for Bush the first time.  Not the second.  I've worked at the operational level of war, and I know these issues much better than you do.  So why don't you stop your BS and go serve your country. 

And by the way, geez, dude, do you even know what the Rules of Engagement are?  Probably not since they're classified.  I can say that there were some overly restrictive ROE during the Fallujah mess but that's been resolved.  What the heck are you talking about?

Don't believe me.
It didn't take 16 years, it took about 12.  They aren't sure what the chemical was and I couldn't tell you where I encountered it.
I was a humvee driver in country.  
It's pretty clear that your unwillingness to accept what is a sad fact illustrates your own contempt for your fellow soldier.
Frankly, I'm starting to think your story is BS.
Here I am, a vet who is suffering and you are calling me a liar.
Good for you.
Sleep well at night.
So others can see how full of *&^% you are, there are currently close to 1.4 million active duty military personnel.  Around 10% are in Iraq as we speak.
Nice try, bucko.  Seems to me our military has plenty of people.  Your argument is silly and while creative, you are making up facts to support your conclusions.
90% of the US military forces are anywhere BUT Iraq.
Next time, when you decide to make up facts, do some research before opening that angry mouth.
I'm off to chemo.
Wish you the best.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Iraq War
« on: December 17, 2007, 07:57:54 AM »
I wish you the best healthwise, jeffislouie.

The problem is insane rules of engagement, limited political support, general malaise of the american people, and a very vocal anti-war segment of the population.

How did these things lead to trouble in Iraq, exactly?  What "insane rules of engagement" would you change, for instance?

BTW, I still think you owe me and other leftists an apology. 

Well, thanks for the well wishing.  That is kind of you.
The limited political support, malaise, and vocal anti-war segment of the population all contribute to the issues in Iraq.  The men and women over there are the only ones who really know what is going on, not the bozo politicians who pretend they do.
There is a serious morale issue right now that comes directly from this anti-war, anti-soldier crap.  When Kerrey implies that all troops are stupid it hurts them.  When Murtha declares innocent men guilty of war crimes, that hurts them.  When those soldiers are cleared of all charges and Murtha doesn't apologize, that hurts worse.  It is not an easy thing for anyone to understand how someone can claim they support the troops, yet talk about them like they are blind, brainless murderers and constantly threatens to withhold funding and equipment.  To a soldier, these stupid funding packages the left in this country delays and chops up into smaller bites means the potential for a lack of armor, a shortage of bullets, smaller food rations, and generally worse conditions.  When the democrat side of Congress withholds funding and puts off defense spending bills, the troops start to wonder if they are going to be shot at and killed because the left doesn't care about them.  
It's really that simple.
A friend of mine, an ex-marine now states attorney, just sent his kid back to Iraq for his second tour.  I asked him how he is holding up with all the nastiness coming out of washington.
He said what every soldier I know would tell you:
"They have to ignore it because if they paid attention to the morons in Congress, they'd be dead.  Hesitation and distraction can kill even the best soldier.  They are there to do a job, so they ignore what they can and make fun of what they can't."
So the anti-war crowd pressures the democrat party to withhold funds and force a retreat while claiming it's for the soldiers while the soldier wonders when he's going to run out of bullets, get hit without armor, be riding in a vehicle that is all but scrap, etc.
Like it or not, if the left wants out of Iraq, they shouldn't be playing the game this way.  Which is why I don't think the left really wants out - they just want to hurt President Bush.  That's why I am not a democrat anymore.  I think when politics become a game, people get hurt and not always the people being targeted.

The rules of engagement?  Well, it is not terribly well known that returning fire requires a checklist.
In days of old, if you were shot at, you returned fire immediately.  Naturally, this caused some fear in the enemy - if a few of them fired on a large squad of marines, they would most certainly be dead within seconds.  But now?  Well, now there is a checklist that all soldiers in combat must go through before they can return fire.  Basically, the new ROE takes away a soldiers right to self defense by limiting how he or she can react.  This causes more deaths in country than anything else.
Here's a primer from an informed source:

So yeah, I don't think our men and women should have to second guess themselves in a combat situation.  Hesitation is a killer in battle.

As for an apology to people on the left?  Well, I'm sorry if it upsets you that I don't agree with you.
Marxism is a fantasy that even Marx knew wasn't reasonable.
Soft socialists and soft communists go against everything the United States stands for - freedom, capitalism, individualism, and courage.  Naturally, as a libertarian leaning moderate conservative, it upsets me to listen to leftists talk about utopia in the face of all the failures of marxism, communism and socialism in history.
This nation isn't marxist.  It is democratic.  Technically, it is a representative republic with economic capitalism.
That's what this country is.  That's why marxism may attract you, but has no place in our government or social structure.
So if I have offended or upset you because of my distaste for leftist viewpoints, well I am sorry.
But just as you have the right to believe in marxism, I have the right to believe in our country and democracy.
What I hope is that you understand that what we disagree with each other about is not a reason to hate each other.
Now more than ever, people take this stuff too personally and get angry or upset over what amounts to a difference of opinion.
I believe our nation is good and well intentioned.  I believe we do plenty of good in the world.  I believe that our great nation, while not perfect, remains the greatest the world has ever known.
We are free to think, speak, and act.  We encourage innovation.
But is there really a need to apologize for my views?  They come from an individual - one who has no intention of taking away any of your rights even though your ideology limits mine....

Marxism sounds good on paper, but is too open to corruption in practice.
Marxists belive that socialism can be accomplished only through class conflict and violent revolution.  Marxism strips away liberty, religion, the right to property, and free trade.  Sure it SOUNDS nice to think that we are all equal and should all share, but someone has to administer government, money, trade, freedom, etc.
In the former Soviet Union, this made some higher ups very wealthy and resulted in the mostly poor population waiting for hours in a bread line.  The subway systems were paved in gold, but the people who rode the subway had nothing to their names and lived in cramped apartments with their entire family.
Marxism is a complete failure as a political idea.
But you have the right to think and believe as you see fit.  Maybe one day you'll change your mind.  Maybe one day, you'll convince us all that we are wrong.

To be clear, moderate democrats and moderate republicans aren't that different.  I have no issue with either.
The bile spewed by both extremes disgusts me (and I suspect you as well).
Abortion, for instance, is not a conservative issue.  The religious right made it one.  One extreme drove policy for an entire party.
The war isn't a liberal issue.  The far left is working to make it one.  No one likes war.  I don't.  You don't.  My wife doesn't.
BUT, when faced with a choice of do something that may help or do nothing and let things in this world become unmanageable, I will always side with whomever thinks that being proactive might result in some real benefit.

Understand - I don't dislike you because you are a marxist or a lefty or a democrat.  I disagree with you.
Only the nutbags like Julie Fern decide who is acceptable as a human being based on their perception of that persons political beliefs.
That's why Julie is so lonely.  And spends so much time trying to rile up members of a law school discussion message board.
You seem like a nice enough person and I wish you no harm.
Julie Fern?  Well, I don't like her very much.  I'd rather she not spend so much effort making fun of a sitting President during a time of war.  I'd rather she didn't talk down to people who believe in our current role in the war.  I'd rather she stopped trying to classify people as this or that based on her distaste of our President.
She could probably be working a little harder at solutions rather than wasting her time here.
I especially don't like the idea that someone who has never served and knows nothing of the war could criticize others when she suspects that they've never served.
Service doesn't qualify you or disqualify you from an opinion.  Julie likes to use this flawed logic as a way to demean people without realizing how hypocritical she is.
To Julie, if you haven't served but believe in the war you have no right to say what you think.  BUT if you haven't served and are anti-war, well you are good to go.
If you have served and are against this war, well that gives creedence to your beliefs in a way.  But not serving and being against the war?  How is that any different that not serving and being for the war?  It isn't.  Which is why I have no respect for Julie or people like her.
Rather than telling people to serve or shut up, why not just be smart enough to listen and debate without trying to diminish other people's opinions?
Because that's no fun for Julie.
I don't think I'll be posting much on this thread anymore as I realized last night how silly it is for me to spend what limited time I have left of this planet trying to convince people who don't care enough to listen that their opinions, while well meaning, are off base.
I'd prefer to live the rest of my life thanking god for the blessings he has given me.
Best of luck to you.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Iraq War
« on: December 16, 2007, 08:39:58 PM »

Well, you care quite a bit to have written out such a response.  However, I do think there is something wrong with someone who has such a passionate pro-war view who hasn't signed up to go back.  Yes, it's a volunteer military.  But it's a volunteer military less than 1/3 the fighting strength of the Desert Storm military.  One of the reasons it was incredibly stupid to attack Iraq when we did was because of this fact.  Our main problem is manpower shortage.  So, I have to be a little suspicious of someone who says they want the war to succeed but isn't currently doing something to help out besides jawboning.  Victory isn't possible in Iraq because people like you make excuses as to why you haven't signed back up to fight and ignore the real lack of manpower and force projection that we have.  So no, saying thank you isn't enough anymore.  Your story about the kid in the restaurant was great and all, but that was back in the salad days of our military strength.  We can't afford that anymore.  Think about WWII.  In WWII, that kid you mentioned would have been deeply shamed by his community for not signing up to join.  And likewise, I'm deeply ashamed of you that you spend your time on the Internet instead of helping us out.  Time to cowboy up and re-up, buddy.

Lastly, you wouldn't find my attitude embarrasing if you had actually served any time in OIF/OEF and understood the issues.  A great many wonderful, brave guys and gals over there feel the same way.  So, stop living in the past and join us in today's military.  Welcome to reality, pal.

Oh, and you made my point very clearly - you don't care when it comes right down to it. Thanks for stating that very well.  People like you don't really care deep down.  It's all about you, and not about the country and the service to people like you.  So yep, I'm deeply ashamed of you.

What I don't care about is the insane ramblings of an internet message board flamer.

I'll make sure to tell my wife and kids about your educated opinion though.
The reason I am not there right now is because I was diagnosed with leukemia.  The doctors think that it may have been a reaction to chemical weapons when I was in country.  They aren't really sure if I have leukemia.  First came the splitting headaches, then the general pain and discomfort.  Then I went to see a doctor, who said I should be dead by now.  As it stands, I might not see my kids off to their first day of school.

What I don't care about is your insane assumptive reasoning and fallacious logic.
You didn't even consider the fact that there may be a valid reason that I am not there.  Nope, in typical message board bravado, you assumed I wasn't there because I am a spoiled brat.
And the reason we are having trouble in Iraq isn't because of a manpower shortage and you know it.
That, sir, is a bald faced lie.
We have plenty of troops in country right now.
The problem is insane rules of engagement, limited political support, general malaise of the american people, and a very vocal anti-war segment of the population.
Our men and women aren't asking for more troops, though the democrats seem generally opposed to increases in troop levels no matter what (see the resistance to the surge).  I guess you might have missed the fact that the democrats opposed the surge that resulted in real progress and a decline in attacks.
The problems we have there right now revolve around a corrupt iraqi infrastructure, which is sadly the biggest problem the iraqi's face.  Their leaders take money to look the other way.  
When I'm in chemo tomorrow, I'll make sure to ask my doctor if he thinks I'm fit to serve.
If I am lucky enough to see my kids grow up to reach 18, I'll be there encouraging them to serve their country.
You'll be, what, blabbing about things you know nothing about and attacking a vet who served and is dying because of his service?
Nice move.

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