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Law School Admissions / A+ = 4.33 - What's your take?
« on: July 13, 2007, 05:52:49 PM »
So over the course of learning the various in-and-outs of the whole LS process the most shocking revelation has to be the fact that LSAC converts A+'s to 4.33. Personally, this pisses me off. Seriously. Apparently a 98-100 at certain schools is considered an A+, but my school (along with many of my friends') doesn't give out A+'s. Not to be conceited, but many classes I found myself in the 98-100 bracket. So, essentially, LSAC is giving a substantial advantage to students at schools who give out A+'s. I understand that UG GPA is not regarded as fair or equal, and the LSAT is supposedly an equalizer (i.e. puts everyone on an even playing field), but seeing people with a 4.22 GPA while knowing my GPA would be substantially higher if A+ís were given out at my school really irks me. So, I guess what Iím saying is that Iím a bitter s.o.b. and I am wondering if you think giving an advantage to a select number of students is fair to the admissions process (now that I think about it, not much with this process is fair: AA, a standardized test w/ tons of admission weight heavily favoring philosophy majors, law schools favoring Ivey League schools even  though many (I realize not all) are renowned for grade inflation).

*This is merely my opinion in an open-ended question format. I am NOT planning on writing an addendum about this (that would do nothing but falsely portray me as having a whinny disposition).

So I've been running into a little trouble with RC. I read all the threads regarding RC but was wondering what past LSAT-takers actually did on the test. Did you write out one-sentence summaries of each paragraph? Underline/highlight main points? Note various points of view? I just find myself having serious time issues when I write ANYTHING out. Should I just practice on my comprehension of the material, as to allow me to mentally note the aforementioned strategies. All help/insight is appreciated.

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