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I have a question for people who's English is not their first language.  Could you share about your methods of overcoming the language barrier in conjunction with LSAT? For example, when I do the LG games  I tend to translate the whole game in Russian before I start solving it. Is there a way to overcome this problem. I know that this whole inter language translation thing is slowing me down significantly. Comments?

Hey all, I'm from California, too, but I've been in the US since I was 2. Wouldn't mind talking with other post-soviet law/pre-law either.

You know, I would love to find out if any major US firms have offices in former USSR states...
I am an intern at a big US oil  company and i know here one law student(LLM) from KZ. He is trying to get an in house law position with the company back in KZ. If you need the details PM me.

Neuzheli nikago tut ne ostalos? :'(

Just for introduction sake.
I am from California. I have been in US for 4 years now. I am a grad student in EE. I am excited to talk to other law/pre-law, post-soviet people. 

Privet vsem!
Che molchim? Gde vse? Kto po fene botaet:) Neujto ia odin tut ostalsia? Jdems.
And now in English:
Are there any Russians here?

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