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Hey thanks d00d, but no.
In that thread I was describing the more generally accepted definitions of those terms, as they've been used in recent times. Thanks anyway for your valuable input.

LOL, thanks man. I was pretty shocked by your response and thought "this dude must be an outlier." No worries here though. I don't have a lot riding on it. I'm going into finance out of ugrad but I'd like to do a JD/MBA after a couple years of experience. Given the schedule that finance entails, I need to take my LSAT while I'm still in school.

Which sections were harder? All of them? I have a copy of the June 2007 on my computer which is the next one I will take.

Well if one of the posters had a similar experience, or if any of you have knowledge about trends in scores following an initial practice test given different amounts of studying.... you might venture to give an educated guess.

Took it pretty much cold. Actual 1996 test. Had done about an hour's worth of work on logic games before taking this. Will be a junior next year, but don't plan ton devoting my life to studying for this test. I was really upset with the stupidity of the mistakes I did make. Didn't miss any on the logic games. What score can I expect once all is said and done?

EDIT: Please note this was under timed conditions. I had 3-5 minutes left over on the analytical reasoning sections (the ones I lost most of the points on), 90 seconds left on logic games and 4:30 left on reading comp.

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