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Law School Admissions / Re: 3.9/152
« on: July 05, 2010, 10:54:54 AM »
Loyola gives out scholarship money to 152's?? Ouch, didn't realize they were that desperate...
Loyola grads can get decent jobs in NOLA -- by decent I mean D.A., P.D., state AG's office, and small firms.
I imagine LSU places better anywhere else in the state. LSU seems t get kind of shut out of NOLA though.
I'd think if you get a 156 you should get into LSU, maybe even just a 155 with your GPA. You're almost there. If you get a 160 (or even 159) you might get Tulane -- then again Tulane is very expensive and might not be worth sticker.
One more thing about Loyola -- they have a very rough curve -- I think it's a 2.7.

I understand affirmative action specifically for blacks and American Indians because of the long-term legalized oppression (whether it actually works is questionable). But I don't understand it for Hispanics, who were never treated legally different from whites (at least not on a large scale). I'm sure some Hispanic migrant workers had a tough time, but then again so did Irish and Italian immigrants toiling away at factories in the cities when they first came over. And so did the Chinese working on the railroads -- they were treated abhorently. Yet Chinese don't get any affirmative action today but Hispanics do. Well, Asians generally have a culture which really values education -- that is the difference.

No chance unless URM, even then probably not.

What's your local state school? You probably have a shot there and the big state schools tend to place better than other T2/T3 schools.

Whether she should get a bump for being URM is a different question from whether she will, and the answer to whether she will is YES.

Ironically however, OP may not place well in state schools that emphasize GPA over LSAT as a backdoor way of affirmative action (Berkely, UCLA, UNC).

But OP has a good shot at Duke, GTown, USC, Wash U., Emory, BC, BU, Wisconisn...

And let's all admit it -- whether or not we approve of affirmative action, we'd all take whatever advantages we can get when applying to law school.

reach (but quite possible): Vanderbilt, Duke
target (maybe a little money): Washington U, Emory, W & L, ND
safety (money): Tennessee, Ohio State, Kentucky, Case, Wake Forest, Cincy

Definitely do recommned applying to schools in Tennessee and Ohio. Really if you know you want to stay in either state, Ohio State and Tennessee are golden in either place and you should get good money (although Ohio State might be a little stingy if you're not actually a resident). Probably no reason to go to a place like Wash U full price or almost full price if you know you want to go back to Tennessee.

you'll get a bumb for being URM.

You have a good shot at many 15-30 schools IMO.

Law School Admissions / Re: Any chance of top 30s?
« on: July 01, 2010, 11:19:19 AM »
If the choice is between you and another guy with the same score you had on the second test and he got it the first time he took it, then they might pick him. But schools generally don't care so much your first score because the score they have to report to LSAC, US News, etc. is the higher one. Just do as good as you can on the next LSAT. Even w/ a 162, however, you'll be rejected by BC, ND, etc. You'll need about a 165 to be competative for those schools. With a 162/ 3.4 you're competative for schools like American, SMU, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Cardozo, Case, Tulane.

are you a former marine? if so, that'd probably be a bonus.

u probably have no shot at michigan and ut.
wash u is a good reach school. maybe william and mary, washington and lee, fordham, iowa, illinois, and emory as other reaches.
wake forest, tulane, american, arizona, cardozo, wisconsin would be targets/ reaches.
Case Western, Loyola L.A., FSU might be more good targets.
I wouldn't apply to all these but I couldn't really get any sense of where in the country you want to be from your post.

no other ideas? do lay people know anything beyond Harvard, Yale, Stanford -- maybe GTown, Columbia, Duke?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: BC vs Emory vs Notre Dame
« on: June 27, 2010, 07:29:45 AM »
I think ND is the most national of these schools. Everyone's heard of ND and ND alumni are known for helping eachother out. Speaking Korean and especially Chinese could really help but then again, if you're at some mid-size firm in the Mid-West or South there's really no reason that it would help. Actually, it's probably only the kind of thing that would help in some biglaw firms that do international law and perhaps some federal govt. jobs. 

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