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Let me throw in the added factor of me wanting to practice in Chicago at some point.  Does that change anything?

Choosing the Right Law School / Letters of Rec: General vs. Targeted
« on: July 08, 2007, 11:21:38 AM »
I'm a 27 year old applying for Fall 08 ... been out of school since 2002 ... I'm sending a letter of rec from a former manager with my current employer and an administrator at the college i attended that I worked closely with ... neither of them attended any of the schools that I will be applying to ... that being said ... is there any thought as to whether me having them submit the general letter of rec to all of the schools vs. a targeted letter of rec to each school has any real benefit or not for me?  Thanks!

Thanks for the info everyone! 

I appreciate everyone's input!  For the record, I have a 3.95 UGPA and a 166 LSAT.  Most likely I'd be applying to Northwestern, UIUC, WUSTL, and SLU (have a mortgage and girlfriend in St. Louis ... probably would like to stay in the midwest, preferred Chicago), unless anyone else has any suggestions for applying ...

27 year old, in St. Louis, probably long term wanting to practice in Chicago area ... 3.95 UGPA and 166 LSAT ... there's SLU and WASHU in St. Louis, SLU being tier 2 but having the #1 ranked Health Law program in the country (health law is an interest of mine)... I don't HAVE to stay in St. Louis but it's probably most convenient (mortgage, girlfriend, etc.) ... any recs on where else I should maybe be applying to?

I'm a 27 yo that's been working as a pharmaceutical sales rep for the past 5 years, currently making a salary of around $100K ... I'm concerned with the future of my industry, the ceiling on my earnings, etc. but mainly the fact that it's a line of work I'm not challenged by and not that passionate about.  I've always been interested in law/law school and the challenge it presents ... but I've now got a mortgage to consider, I won't be out of school until I'm 31 if I go, and chances are if I do graduate law school I'll be making significantly less than when I first get out.  Anyone else in the same situation or have any thoughts on this situation?

27yo STL resident here ... applying to Wash U and SLU for Fall 08 ... 166 LSAT and 3.95 UGPA ... eventually I'd probably like to land in Chicago for work so my question is what your guys' thoughts on going to school in STL if down the line I'd like to work in Chicago is?

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