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Choosing the Right Law School / me again!
« on: July 04, 2004, 09:38:45 AM »
Me again :)

Okay, I have come up with a list to the schools to which I will apply.  I will be applying as early as possible.  4.0 GPA from a private, liberal arts undergrad, as well as a 4.0 in coursework at my grad program.  I will have letters of rec from my grad advisor, who, although I am leaving a PhD program, is VERY supportive of my decision, plus she has said things to me along the line of "you are the best first-year I have ever worked with".  In undergrad I was in several honor societies, a sorority, volunteered for the rape crisis center, etc.  Also- LSAT is 167

Here's my list, what do you think?

U Chicago
U Mich
U Penn
George Washington
Boston U
Ohio State

Choosing the Right Law School / Where should I apply
« on: July 03, 2004, 07:12:40 AM »
I just got my LSAT- 167...  have a 4.0 from my undergrad (Georgetown College, in Kentucky- major was psychology) plus a M.S. degree from the University of Georgia, in psychology, also a 4.0.

Any ideas on where I should apply?  What "dream" schools could I have a decent chance of getting accepted?

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