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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: New situation: UF vs Kent
« on: July 20, 2008, 08:43:15 PM »
I've been to UF, but haven't been to Chicago. I grew up in big cities, so maybe I have a good idea on what life in Chicago would be like. Or maybe not.

Are there any sort of national mobility with the JD from UF? From what I hear, if I go to Kent I am pretty much stuck in Chicago

Choosing the Right Law School / New situation: UF vs Kent
« on: July 19, 2008, 10:53:19 AM »
I got in off the wait list at UF the other day. In retrospect, it looked like I could have gotten in off regular admissions but my application was submitted after the priority deadline.. I am lucky to somehow have gotten in.

Here are some facts about me.
I don't really have a clear goal on my career. I would like to eventually do something corporate, international... IP is also something I have in mind because I did a lot of work with engineers in my UG through a major student project. My degree is in finance, however.

I'd like to work in a big city.. but in the end I am very flexible geography wise (must be because I'm not originally from America).

Chicago-Kent is giving me a scholarship for 10k.
US News rankings are as follows: UF 46th IIT/CHI-KENT 66th

One thing I should keep in mind is that I am billingual. I speak Korean. This may be significant--although I have no specific plans to do so-- in my career because S. Korea's recent interaction with the FTA indicates that S. Korea will allow foreign attorneys to work in Korea, though they won't be doing any actual legal representation unless they passed the korean professional exams... this is important because almost nobody in S. Korea knows about Chicago-Kent, but UF is well-known here as well as having a lot of Korean Alumni. But once again, I don't have any specific plans to work in Korea.

I'm leaning towards UF.. though living in Chicago sounds nice.. Just wanted to make get other's opinions. Thanks!

I'd like to add that I don't qualify for In-state tuition anywhere.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: University of Florida??
« on: July 19, 2008, 10:21:25 AM »
Got in off waitlist.. called me international to wake me up at 3AM with the good news!
I visited the school before I left for Korea..Checked out a LOT of things at UF, met some people, but to sum it up I didn't like how there wasn't a big city or a beach nearby (I'm from San Diego) but LOVED the party atmosphere that reminded me of my undergrad school. Though that bit probably doesn't apply to any law student.

Woohoo! See you all in Gainesville next year. PM me if you'd like to know my stats..

has anyone else gotten in off the waitlist?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Kent VS Pepperdine
« on: June 17, 2008, 09:39:10 PM »
I'm from San Diego (SDSU)
Yeah, leave SD and SDSU to go to Malibu.. figures huh?

I've visited Pepperdine. But I feel if it is better for my career a beautiful campus doesn't quite cut it. I'm almost not able to afford to go to Pepperdine.

Pepperdine ranked higher but Kent has better entrance LSAT scores; does this mean anything?

As far as career prospectives and the education itself goes, what do you think?

Choosing the Right Law School / Kent VS Pepperdine
« on: June 16, 2008, 06:01:57 PM »
Hi. I got a pretty weird situation here and I would appreciate your opinions.
I've gotten into a bunch of schools and I have narrowed it down to Pepperdine and Chicago-Kent. They rank 59 and 66 respectively according to USNews. My entering grades are 162/3.0

 Tuition: 35k
 Tuition: 39k

Kent is offering a 10k merit scholarship and Pepperdine is giving me nothing. I keep hearing Pepperdine has a better national reputation and that it is going to be a slightly more portable degree.

To me L.A. and Chicago are both pretty big cities which is what I like. I don't mind going anywhere in the nation. Eventually I want to be traveling / working overseas doing corporate type stuff. If you couldn't tell, I sort of have no idea on which specific legal field I want to be practicing in. "International" "Corporate" "Intellectual Property" "Automotive" are the words that pops in my mind.

From what I understand either way I will have to be studying for top 10-15% or transferring into T30. But given the circumstances, what would you recommend? Are there any significant differences in job prospects in the two areas? I would like some opinions from recent graduates as well. Thanks!

My first acceptance/rejection letter came in last friday from U of Miami. I had a fee waiver. They paid for my acceptance deposit too. No scholarship? Should I see if I can apply to any? 162/3.0

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: I have no idea where to look;
« on: July 01, 2007, 11:15:30 AM »
thanks for all the advice. I also haven't thought of what state I should go  to (I've only lived in California) or actually what sort of career path I want to take.. hah
But I will start research on that separately. Scholarship would be good because I don't think my folks will dish out any more money for schooling

Choosing the Right Law School / I have no idea where to look;
« on: June 30, 2007, 04:47:26 PM »
I dicked around my lower division years and have a pretty low GPA: 3.00. My upper div. GPA is 3.35 and have mostly A's and some Bs in upper division finance classes related to my major (finance)

I also haven't done much research for a guy hoping to get into law school :shame: >:(

I got my LSAT score today for the Jun 11th exam and here it says 162! Thats a couple of points higher than my practice tests.

I'm hoping my LSAT scores will somewhat offset my low GPA.. but where should I start looking? My original goal was to get into a lower third tier school but from the reading I have done looks like I should get a bit more greedy.

From accepted GPA and LSAT ranges from US NEW's ultimate guide it sounds like certain schools place more or less emphasis on GPA. How could I use this to my advantage? Thanks!

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