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Acceptances / Re: Help! Temple Law School vs. U Cincinnati
« on: June 27, 2008, 03:03:57 PM »
I need to decide ASAP where to go!! Please help... ??? I am 26 and I am currently living in Florida.I have been accepted at Temple Law (Philly) and UCincinnati. Both schools have offered partial scholarships and the tuitions turn out to be almost the same. I have a family member that currently lives in Cincinnati and is about to start the 3rd year of law at UCincinnati, which means I could save on books and the living expense tends to be cheaper in Cincinnati. In Philly I don't have any family or anything, but it seems like more like a big city, which I like...Plus I am originally from South America so I would like to live in a diverse place.Is Philly diverse??

My ultimate goal is to practice in the north east, Washington D.C. I am told that Ucinci is a regional school (Ohio) and Temple is more of a local school (Philly) so in both cases in order to get a job in the D.C. area I would need to be top of my class, which is not easy.

Any comments or insights would be much appreciated.Thanks :)

Temple gives you a better chance at DC than Cincinatti.  Philly's COL is not very high, compared to Boston/NY, although I'm sure Cincinatti's is lower.

Tag. How do I build a profile?

It's pretty straightforward.  Then you can search for coworkers/classmates, etc. and add them.  It's free unless you want to upgrade to business membership (which I see no point in doing unless you are a recruiter.)

has anyone used this service?  i was thinking of trying to start networking through it, by adding people and then moving toward some sort of network.

I'm on LinkedIn and I know that people have been contacted by Headhunters through this site.

Law School Applications / Re: Best in state
« on: June 25, 2008, 10:56:53 AM »
Hahaha oh riiiight!  NYU.  :)

I was focusing so much on trying to remember the upstate schools and the T3/4s haha.

Law School Applications / Re: Best in state
« on: June 25, 2008, 10:47:55 AM »
State:  New York

1) Columbia/NYU
2) Cornell

3) Fordham

4) Cardozo
5) Brooklyn
6) St. John's

7) SUNY Buffalo
8) Syracuse
9) CUNY Queens (I know it ia T4 but people usually go there for a specific purpose, and it is so cheap, so I think in the NY hierarchy it deserves to be above the rest of these schools.)

9) Hofstra
10) NYLS

11) Albany
12) Pace

13)  Touro

(Am I missing any?  That's all I can think of.)

Edited to include NYU!  haha.  Geez NY has a lot of law schools.  I can't believe they are thinking of opening more.

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: Realistic free time during 1L
« on: June 25, 2008, 10:44:11 AM »
FWIW, one of my 3L tour guides at a law school said that some people actually do better when they have a low stress job.  It forces them to be more structured and organized about time management.

I'm really sorry botbot, that is horrible.  :(  Losing my school's scholarship is basically my biggest fear.

Battling school administrations can be tough and scary, I definitely sympathize.

It is actually laughable that McCain has that many votes placing him on the far right end of the spectrum.

I thought that too.  I'm not seeing him pushing for nationalization of our industries and banks to fight the godless chinese quite yet.

Yeah, I'm really disappointed too. I have been a big McCain supporter for years, and when he won the nomination I was like "Finally, a Republican that Democrats will be able to support since he is a moderate!". I mean, how can the Democrats not like (even a little) a Republican who is disliked by the hard right conservative establishment as well as Rush and Hannity. I mean, sure I didn't expect them to support him but I also didn't think they would start calling him a hard-right fascist so quickly. Ugh, I guess to most Dems anyone with an Elephant button is Fascism Incarnate.

I was a Rudy supporter and that's basically what they did to him so I'm not surprised.  He was in a lose-lose situation.  To the far right he was a "baby killer" and to the left he all of a sudden became a right wing fascist.  It was only a matter of time before they did it to McCain (who I must admit I'm no fan of, but he's not a right wing lunatic.)

It is actually laughable that McCain has that many votes placing him on the far right end of the spectrum.

tag.  That was very helpful.   :)

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