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Except all the black women say, "there goes that white girl".  :P

Ok......reiterating my previous point, my dad is a partner of his firm, makes somewhere in the realm of 200k per year, and went to American University (Tier 2).  He spent 60k on tuition (not including interest).  I have met a few of his classmates over the years, who also seem to be doing quite well (1 owns his own patent law firm, another was the chief of staff of a congresswoman, another works as a tax attorney at a large D.C. firm.  If you would like websites to their firms, I would be happy to furnish them for you.

And honestly, if we are only able to get into T2 schools, then it is likely that we aren't going to get into Harvard for anything else either.  And it is also unlikely that we are going to get huge paying jobs with our 3.3 undergrad GPA's or whatever we have.

So, we appreciate your looking out for us, but why don't you take the conversation to people playing the lottery everyday?  At least we have a legitimate chance to improve our lives.  And if we don't do well, so what?  You shouldn't care anyways, we won't be homeless, and at least our kids will have more knowledge handed to them than we likely had.  Let us worry about ourselves, and go bask in your glory for being admitted to a great school.

Likewise, we will bask in our mediocrity.  I'm content, no matter how law school turns out.  I've met all kinds of interesting people, and made many friends along the way.

By the way, would you say the same thing to athletes who went to non-Division 1-A schools?  I'm sure it is easier to make it to the NFL if you went to Miami, or Ohio State, but what about Jerry Rice (Mississippi Valley State), Walter Payton (Jackson State), Terrell Owens (Tennessee-Chattanooga), Michael Strahan (my alma mater, Texas Southern).

They are the exception to the rule, but they did great things.

What about Mark Lanier, the owner of the firm who successfully sued Vioxx (clients awarded 253 million in damages), and his Tier 3 law school Texas Tech University?

What of the 56 lawyers who attended my Tier 2 law school, and are now working at Baker Botts?  What of the 15 of those who made partner?

We have read your advice telling us not to go to law school.  We choose to ignore it.  Stop wasting your typing, and go study.  Oh, that's right, I forgot, you don't have to study, because you are at a top school, and as long as you graduate you are going to get a great job (no matter what your grades are  ;)).  Damn!

Wiimote, I think they charge a tax on "prepared" foods.  I think they do not charge a tax on groceries.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: University of Houston 2010
« on: August 15, 2007, 04:46:44 PM »
I was in-state, so I really did not face this problem.  When I was deciding on a school, I tried to just balance rank and money.  U of H was not my cheapest option (nor was it the most expensive by any means), but it was my highest ranked option.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: University of Houston 2010
« on: August 15, 2007, 01:23:30 PM »
I received about 4200 in grant money.  This lowered my tuition to 12k (roughly).

From the info they gave at orientation, the median LSAT was 161, and I forgot the GPA, but I think it was in the 3.5-3.6 range (median).

I had numbers lower than both of these medians, and was accepted, if that helps any.

Honestly, the people that shouldn't go to law school, are the people who don't WANT to truly be there.  Truly wanting to be there will probably lead to decent grades.  It might not be the Top 10%, but it will be what it is, and you will deal with it.  The people who go to law school and slack off, probably (though not in all cases) didn't truly want to give law school their everything.  I don't think that you can put forth an honest earnest effort, and not be successful.

Why does everyone seem to think that law school is a bad idea if you are not at a Top 14 school?  So what if you only make 70k per year.

70k is more than all three years of law school is going to cost me.  Sure there is the lost wages for the three years of law school, but who is to say that I didn't want to go?  Hell, I get to live the student life for three more years!  I hate working medial jobs, and ever since my dad attended law school (he started when I was 11), I've wanted to attend.

My dad went to American University, graduated @ 17% in his class, is partner, and now makes a couple hundred grand a year.  He works quite a bit, but not as much as the BIGLAW guys, and seems to enjoy what he is doing.  He worked pretty hard in law school, but he was raising me, and didn't seem to have any problem.  He now has two other children, is married, and has a couple of properties in the D.C. area.  These properties were quite expensive, given the area, but he was able to afford them, all the while paying back his 60k in student loans (not including interest).

The point will find a will do fine.........most law schools are not bad investments.........


Actually, I think U of H is T2.

The other two schools are T4.

If I were taking clients to lunch, I likely wouldn't be spending my own personal income on the tab.  Good 'ole firm credit cards!

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