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Current Law Students / Re: CONTRACT LAW QUESTION!! HELP!
« on: January 10, 2009, 09:16:06 AM »
1. Didn't really do warranty, but look to the UCC about warranty of sale. Also, some kind of fraud and misrepresentation/unconscionably.

2. Is the first telefax an offer? Is there something left open. I would say that it was an invitation to make an offer, but it would need to be known whether there was prior communication because that could make it an offer since it depends on the facts and circumstances of each case.

a) most likely a counteroffer, Under common law it would be under "mirror image rule". even though sale of goods, always good to mention what common law would be. Since its UCC, sale of goods, tend to be more flexible. Under UCC would not be an acceptance because it is expressly conditioned on the standard terms. However, if thats the practice in the industry, it might be reasonable.

b) mailbox rule. If original telefax was an offer, then when it was put into the mail and out of the offeree's possession, then it becomes a valid acceptance. If not original offer, then only a counter-offer and becomes effective upon receipt.

c) if original telefax was an offer- it doesn't matter, already accepted. If not original offer, then rejection was received first and eliminated counter-offer and not able to accept.

d) that ones a little tricky, and might be a modified form of the mailbox rule. You could argue that the acceptance had been put out of his possession and it was reasonable under the circumstances so it was a valid acceptance if the original telefax was an offer. But if not offer, then only counter-offer.

hope that helps

Current Law Students / Re: Transfer Question
« on: January 10, 2009, 09:01:40 AM »
Anything i say is just what i have concluded based on my research. First, anything is possible. Being more realistic, there are so many other factors than the grades that could influence whether you can transfer (including ones you can't control like those that happen to want to transfer also). Michigan might be a little out of reach if you are from a tier 3 school, but that depends on your numbers and personal statement which might make you a better candidate. There is a yahoo group "transferapps" that has a list of people that transfer with their information, its under databases. That has given me some perspective.

New question, why do you want to transfer so bad. It is because of location? I'm in a similar situation, but when i think about transferring, the extra money, the displacement, and inconvenience doesn't seem to add up. This is especially true since I am positive I can get as good a job as someone that went to nyu or columbia while keeping my scholarship at the school I am at. So, just wondering if you have any other motives for transferring besides rank and name recognition?

Agreed. Although i do know a few people without a car (live real close by or in the dorms), i could not live without a car. Long Island is not really metropolitan so its like a normal city where you would drive to the store or anywhere else you want to go (besides going into the city, which I take the train, and luckily live close to the train station or else i'd have to drive to the train station like some of my friends.)

To begin with, I am only a 1L so no one that I have meet has transferred yet. But from my understanding, it is possible if you are in the top of the class to transfer out to another NY school. This is only a guess, but you would probably need to be in the 10% (maybe higher for nyu or columbia). But a side note, if you can get a scholarship from hofstra and get the same kind of job as you would at nyu or columbia, it might make more sense economically to stay and forgo going for the name recognition. (I have thought about transferring and depending how I do, i'm leaning closer to keeping the money)

As for the professors, I have learned a lot and find that most of my professors really care about how we do and are very approachable. Even the ones that aren't always around school can be easily emailed. By the way I am full-time, but i do not a lot of part-time day students. First semester the only difference is that they don't take criminal law and also one less class in the semester. Full-time evening i think take even less.

If you stay at hofstra, you probably need to be in the top 10% to increase your chances of biglaw but its probably still probable if you are in the top 20%. If you look at their website, for those that go into the private sector, the 75th percentile salary is 160,000 (and 79% are in the private sector, law firm or business). Here is the link if you want to check it out.

The competition is not cut-throat. I studied in groups and got outlines from other students and myself personally was always willing to explain something. Also, you will notice that internet surfing and chatting is pretty rampant, however i would give everyone the advice to NOT let yourself be distracted. If you are paying lots of money to go to law school, don't waste it surfing the internet. Also, stay on track with your classes. If you are always caught up and don't fall behind you will understand better in class and won't feel the pressure of having to do so much work.

I will say that since I have not gotten my grades yet, there is still some opportunity for pessimism. However, I'm hoping that won't happen because the finals seemed fair and I think i did well enough.

Hope this helps

Did you apply to NY schools? I'm guessing that you would be able to get a scholarship at one of the many schools... I'd say nix all those and if you haven't applied to NY schools, you better get on it...

I have seen that Hofstra has begun sending out acceptances, so I'd thought I'd offer to answer any questions anyone had regarding both school and social life. Just post them on this board and I will respond as soon as possible.

Good luck to everyone with their applications


Yeah nealric, i was sorta wondering that myself??? Thanks for the few relevant responses...

I hear a lot of talk about biglaw and small and medium size firms and how biglaw tends to make the most money. I am interested in possibly specializing in family law and was wondering what kind of job prospects there will be for me. If anyone has any knowledge or has a job in family law already, any information would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

I couldn't make it up to the Admitted Student's Day this past weekend so i was wondering if anyone here went and what their opinion of the school was. Comments and Opinions are greatly appreciated.

On a side note, i am most likely sending in my seat deposit this week unless they somehow blow me away on my tour of UF and convince me to stay in Florida for the rest of my life. Also was waitlisted at UNC and UVA, so if something happens with one of them i might change my mind.

Thanks to those that post.

Law School Admissions / Re: UNC -- Why they are slow
« on: April 07, 2008, 06:44:17 PM »
Notified via email tonight that i am waitlisted. It says the waitlist is unranked and there will be more information when i receive the letter they are sending.

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