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To support my cost analysis betweeen Hofstra and Syracuse, see the ranking of law schools by cost.

Let me first start off with the Cost of Living. I'm guessing you know that Hofstra is on long island and not in New York City, therefore the cost of living is MUCH less than if you lived in the city. While the housing situation is a lot different than around a university campuses (I would not recommend moving into the overpriced dorms), it is possible to find inexpensive housing. Personally, I'm paying $675 for a studio apt that's in a converted house in a nice neighborhood near the train station. It possible to find cheaper if you rent a room from someone or find roommates and rent a place. Of course there are more expensive options, my friend pays about 1,000 a month for a one bedroom that's on a second floor of a house, but its obviously much more spacious. So, if the cost of living is higher, its probably at MOST 2-3k.

Second, if you want to work in nyc, i'd definitely tell you go to Hofstra. While you probably need to be towards the top of the class to get a big law job (probably about the same as syracuse), the proximity to the city is great, not only for going out, but also for interviewing with employers. Although I haven't done 2L OCI cause I'm only a 1L, but i'm guessing its much easier to go in for a callback interview from OCI or go to a first interview if the firm does not do OCI. (And also if I get a Summer Associate position, I will be able to take the train into the city instead of moving) So, essentially you get the benefit of being close to the city, without the city price.

As for possibly working in D.C., I'm not sure what the stats are, but as you probably know Hofstra is a more regional school (as I'm guessing syracuse is, or maybe a little less cause its pretty far away), but I'm sure there is the possibility of either finding work in D.C. if you want to take the initiative or making a lateral transfer after you have work experience.

As for me personally, from the schools that I decided to apply to based on mostly whether there was a good family law program (not sure I want to do that anymore) so it was either stay in Florida and get in state tuition or move to NY and go to Hofstra and pay about the same because of the scholarship. My sister and Aunt also live in the city and Queens so I knew I'd have family up here. So far I have been happy with my decision (since a top school was not an option for me, and even though it might be now, its not worth the money to transfer).

Hope that helps. My only other advice, is make an informed decision, think about what you really want including your goals and where you want to work.

I'm pretty sure that is a very speculative question because it probably won't be able to be determined until fall OCI. If the rescission of 3L offers and reduction of 2L summers, then the situation in general will probably not be the greatest and competition for the limited spots will be that much greater.

However, I don't think that will prevent the top 10% from getting a good job, maybe not at the most prestigious firms. But keep in mind, fall OCI is August/Sept, which is over 5 months away so the economy could be better, worse, or the same. I'm keeping my hopes up and trying to be optimistic, but I don't think going to Hofstra is going to be detrimental (besides the typical not going to a t14/t20 school), and if you plan on working in the new york market, it would be a good choice (pending you are willing to be the hard work to do well, otherwise, not sure how great your job prospects are)

Job Search / Re: confused about 1L job
« on: March 17, 2009, 10:19:15 AM »
I have heard that judges are pretty flexible and will take interns on a part-time basis. So if you think your PI organization would be willing to share you, you could meet with the judge, tell him that you have an offer that you are going to accept at the PI org and would love to work with him also and if he would consider taking you on a part time, 2-3 day basis. Best of luck

Long Island. And not necessarily right by school because its not the nicest area. However, there are really nice places within a 10 mile vicinity.

To Daned,

The long island housing situation is not like normal universities. there is on campus housing, and one specifically for grad/law students, but in my opinion it is over priced and institutional. I found my apt on the hofstra off-campus housing website. You can also check out craiglist. Mainly, the options, a) I have a studio apt in a house that has been converted into different apts, b) renting out a room in a house, 2) move in with someone looking for a roomate, 3) rental apt which are pretty expensive 4) or finding a group of people to live with and renting a house. Overall, I'm happy where I chose to live. Not far from school and real close to the railroad to go into the city. Its also in a safe, family neighborhood.

To bounders,
One of my professors last semester falls into the 70/80 category, and one this semester I think falls into the other category. The rest are in the middle age range, with a couple being on the younger side. And I would add, I happen to like the professors that happen to fall into the 2 categories. But to give a broader perspective, you will probably not like all your professors, but you should be able to deal with all different kinds of teachers and adjust to the professors that you like and don't like.

Hope that helps clarify your two questions

Transferring / Re: T10 transfer, taking questions...
« on: March 14, 2009, 12:24:24 PM »
Jeff, just wondering what was the financial impact on your decision to transfer? Lose a scholarship? How much more in loans? Higher cost of living? And how do you think its going to impact your ability to get a higher paying job/repay your loan?

Current Law Students / Re: please give some advice to my PS!
« on: March 11, 2009, 09:15:39 AM »
I just read a the first couple paragraphs, the grammar is a little choppy and you need to check for fluidity. Try reading it out loud and see if there is any choppiness or need more pauses. Also, not really sure I understand stand the whole concept of your ps, but then again i didn't read the whole thing.

On a side note, when i read the first part about you claiming "privacy" at the olympics where a threat of attack can be great, I'm not sure if i felt that sympathetic for you refusing to allow them to search your bag...

I still have to disagree with a actress being a good. If its not prostitution, then its slavery. Unless in extreme circumstances, courts will not force an individual to work for someone else if they don't want to. I think it has to do something with liberty/freedom... While the end product is a movie, which can be considered a good, the process of making of the movie including acting is a service.

Interesting discussion

I think it depends on who the parties are. If you are hiring people to make a porn such as actors and producers, that could be a service. If you are a distributor of porn, then that is a sale of goods. As for the basement porn maker, if he starts selling them, he or she might be considered a merchant if that "person who deals in goods of the kind or otherwise by his occupation holds himself out as having knowledge or skill peculiar to the practices or goods involved in the transaction...."

As for a contract dispute between an actress and producer, that am a close to certain would be under common law. And while it might be difficult for a court to value the expected loss cause of the name recognition, I'm pretty sure courts would agree that forcing someone to be in a pornography would be contrary to public policy. I think there are standards for calculating damages that I don't remember, but if they can't quantify the damages, a court will not award them, however, i think there would be an alternative remedy of the difference between hiring someone else of close recognition.

And an actress would not be a merchant, cause she is not selling goods (and prostitution is illegal so she can't sell her body)

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