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Law School Applications / Re: Military Deferment
« on: December 18, 2007, 10:13:31 AM »
Hi there,

I was in the Army for quite some time.  I would say two things to you if you're considering this course.

1.  Make damn sure you know what you're doing!!!!  For example, have you thought of a specific MOS that you want to pursue?  Are you ready to spend 1 year + in Iraq and probably not ETS at your two year mark?  Are you aware of the 6 year reserve commitment you will have at the back end of your 2 year active stint?  Are you aware that of your two years at least your first 6 months will be in training?  Have you thought about the cost/benefit analysis of being enlisted vice being an officer?  There's alot to consider here...

2.  Schools are NOT obligated to grant you a deferral of two years because you want to join the Army.  If you were ALREADY in the reserves or guard and got deployed, they would be forced to grant you a deferral under the SSCRA, but just because you decided that you'd rather join the Army than go to law school, well that's your choice and two years is a long time to defer.  Also, you may get out after two years, but you may not.  The Army has their ways of keeping people around long after they've decided to ETS...

Personally, I would say if you want to go to law school, than do that and go into JAG afterwards.  If you want to go into the Army, than go and commit to that and worry about law school down the line!

Law School Applications / Re: Do Law Schools give Veterans Preference?
« on: November 30, 2007, 04:46:01 PM »
Hey Callahan - another Vet here.  i certainly think it helps - I don't think it will make Harvard knock down my door anytime soon, but I got into 1 top 20 already and my #s aren't the greatest...highlight the leadership aspects (Platoon leader, XO, etc) in your resume and put all the awards in there too.  I did my PS about my time in OEF/OIF and why that made me want to go to LS.  If you've been stationed OCUNUS, I think they like the intl. experience too...

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