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though I am curious as to why Fresh Prince doesn't feel like s/he can get As at his/her UG.  (Wo)man up, FP!

Not gonna lie, part of the reason I'm taking the courses at a CC is b/c they're a little easier  :P, but I don't feel I can't get A's at my school. It's just that I try to reserve my more substantiative (i.e harder) classes for my university since I'm actually paying for it. Hopefully the CC classes will be sort of a buffer for any possible slip-ups I might have at the university in my pursuit of true higher education lol

Do you know what type of school you want to go to?

Basically the best one I can get into lol Location isn't a huge factor so pretty much I just want to get into a good school that'll set me up with good job prospects afterwards.I know I want to study law, but as far as what type of law or what school best suits me is yet to be determined. Though this forum has been a godsend in terms of info and insight on LS. Feels good to find all the answers you need in the BLSD forum  ;D

I disagree. First, freshman year grades have established a grading pattern. Of course it could change, but your freshman year grades are likely to be indicative of what your trend is throughout college. Second, I don't understand why you would take classes at a community college if you already attend a State University. Every school allows students a sufficient number of electives. I don't see a persuasive positive spin one could put on it unless there was a class at CC that one could not possibly take at State U. The graduating early thing is compelling except schools frown upon students who graduate early.

Well like I said in my first post, the classes I take at the CC are free b/c my mom is an employee. The university charges a couple hundred dollars per credit hour to take near exact courses (Both the CC and my university are SUNY schools). So that's the reason why I chose to take the classes at the CC. Would that be something I should put in my addendum, or is it better suited elsewhere/not at all?

I don't know. If he's a poor student, then obviously it's a great strategy. If he's a strong student, I think the better schools will wonder why he felt the need to inflate his grades instead of doing something more productive during the summer. If he's borderline, then I think its risky because schools examine transcripts closely. They'll note he can do the work at community college, but isn't so good at the state'll raise questions about his ability to do the work at the law school level.

Good points. I have around a 3.4 at my university, so I'm not necessarily a "bad" student, but I'd feel much safer applying to LS's with around a 3.7/3.8. Hopefully taking the summer courses and an anticipated upward trend during the next few years at my school will get me to that goal. I have a job, so doing much more during the summer isn't very feasible at this point, but  WE is def. something I plan to work on for a while after I graduate, while also studying for the LSAT.
Also, if s/he does poli sci, but spends the summer taking say, arts classes, it might demonstrate that s/he's a well rounded individual who believes in a continual learning experience.  IMO, it's all about the spin, so I don't see there being anything inherently wrong with this plan, provided the grades actually count. 

That's what I'm bankin on. I'm a he by the way  ;)

I looked all through the LSAC website, grading policy and all that, and didn't find anything that said they won't count the classes, but i could've overlooked it  :-\

Quick question people. I know that in LS admissions it's all about GPA and LSAT, so I'm planning on taking some fluff courses during my local community colleges summer/winter sessions (they're free b/c my mom teaches there) so I can add some A/A-'s to my GPA. I'm a rising sophomore at a public university and I plan on doing this until I graduate. My question is, will schools see this as blatant GPA inflation and look down on it, or will they just look at my GPA; period? I mean, the classes aren't like CPR or PE classes or anything like that, just easier classes that don't have much to do with my major (poli sci). Any infos appreciated

Law School Admissions / Re-taking courses question
« on: May 22, 2007, 09:42:43 PM »
I just finished two years at a community college, and will be starting as a junior at Binghamton University this fall. My GPA is currently 3.0 due to sheer lack of motivation at community college, but I will definitely be aiming to pull a 3.7 plus at Binghamton University. My main question is, how would law schools evaluate my UG app if I take summer and winter classes at my community college to replace some of the C's and B's I got while there. Would they factor the before AND after grades into my GPA or just the re-taken grade? I want every class to count as my aim is a T14. I'm a black male but I honestly don't want to have to bank on that to get into my dream schools, so hopefully turning some of my B's and C's into A's will put my GPA where it needs to be.

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