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ok, either someone spoofed cornells financial aid email, or I just got an extra 10k :( Why do I not believe it?

Call and ask?

credited. ::dials::

And no I haven't even talked to them yet. Unless karla is lurking here...?

That's beyond creepy, if they're giving you money right at the time when you were thinking of asking for it.

Bourgeois spies all around us, brothers and sisters!

10/yr!?!?!  If so, behold you are a swift and cunning petty-bourgeois!  Take the money, bid farwell to Chicago, and onward to Cornell!

Firstly, LA is the center of the universe and all repudiations of its majesty are mere manifestations of philistinism and envy.

Secondly, I never jibber-jabber, I thunder.

Thirdly, this Capitalistic rapist system of criminal persecution had your faithful narrator report for "duty" at the wee hours of dawn.  After forcing him to withstand the a sheer agony of waiting in a cold, sterile room with capitalist storks, he was told to leave at once and return 4 hours later!  Is this, my brothers and sisters, a system of justice, equality, efficiency, and democracy?  I say we join together, as a union of natural men and women, and raise our splendid banner of revolt!  May the Capitalists dogs have no vodka for breakfast!


::fires gun in air and pounds an ale::

haha i kinda forgot about it..ill update it tommorow. you know it was just a ploy to find the hotties in the class lol

There's a couple of prospects, I won't rank em, or make final decisions, til I see em.

Later man.

Edit:  I'm actually out too.  Lindy!  Hit up your own board, playboy!  Come correct!

Porn chicks spitting on the camera lens is what I believe he's referring to.

Production note: please don't spit on me.

That's all in vogue now with the trashy look chicks, I think it's dumb.

It's the best guys....seriously.  It's honestly ridiculous...f-ing everything.  The range, the depth, the quality, the freeness. 

LINDY!  I got the BC group rolling, playboy!  I'll take credit for making your group relevant.

ION:  I have f-ing jury duty tomorrow!  I'm considering telling them I'm a radical that doesn't agree with the Prison Industrial Complex so I can come home and do my normal morning routine...

....log on to

I have more anarchist blood in me than you guys. my probably great grandfather was super famous for anarchy and stuff

The state should be strong. Unstoppable. All-encompassing.

Aye Comrade!

The Dictatorship of the Proletariat, as a vanguard for the will of the people, shall usher worth a state, which will undoubtedly wither away, which will be ruthless to all enemies of the working party!

::pounds an ale and brushes his whiskers::

From which natural man will arise. More natural than in any other age - alienation begone and our species being will again prevail.


::kicks snow with his boots, fires his gun, raises a red flag, and takes another bump of vodka::

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