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Shel, I'd totally ask them to lower or remove the GPA requirement for the extra $10K.  I know they're only asking for a 3.0 which is sub-median, but still.

You wanna be a lawyer, right?  Gotta hustle for your client!  In this situation, your client is you!

As the great Kierkegaard would say: Either/Or.

Want some comedy?

This the law that CTL will be practicing. 

Shel, if I were you, while the heat is on, I'd try and see if I couldn't get them to guarantee you the money straight up.  They can only say No and you can be tactful about it, "I'm broke yo!  I needz tha money, playgirl, you don't even know!  I love you, I love Cornell, I wanna be a Big Red, oh please, please understand.....OR I'M GOING TO CHICAGO, female dog!  But I love you, I wanna be here..."

jesus titty f-ing christ. it's real boys and girls. the 10k is dependant on maintaining a 3.0+ gpa, on a 3.3 curve.

MA your arithmatic is just about dead on, factoring that I like cornell a lot, I make it as chicago needs >20k/yr.

Congrats man!  I don't know...that's a pretty sweet offer.  Keep in mind that mbw might be a curve-buster with all her summertime E&E reading.

Word on the street is that summer E&E'ing is counter-productive!  What do I know though?  I'm just a beaner at a TTT.

I have a dr's appt tomorrow ftw!

The herps?  I always knew you were a good country boy!

Hopefully not...I have been to one too many titty bars though.

Bro, wait til our get-together in Bean Town...I've been on fire the last 3 weeks.  You'll hear great stories.

So 30k/yr?  Is it guaranteed?

30k/yr at a T14 vs. sticker at a higher T14?  Cornell in a landslide.

I have a dr's appt tomorrow ftw!

The herps?  I always knew you were a good country boy!

fin aid directr iss in meeting. all day. :( secretary is looking for file.

The plot thickens!

Firstly, LA is the center of the universe and all repudiations of its majesty are mere manifestations of philistinism and envy.

Secondly, I never jibber-jabber, I thunder.

Thirdly, this Capitalistic rapist system of criminal persecution had your faithful narrator report for "duty" at the wee hours of dawn.  After forcing him to withstand the a sheer agony of waiting in a cold, sterile room with capitalist storks, he was told to leave at once and return 4 hours later!  Is this, my brothers and sisters, a system of justice, equality, efficiency, and democracy?  I say we join together, as a union of natural men and women, and raise our splendid banner of revolt!  May the Capitalists dogs have no vodka for breakfast!


::fires gun in air and pounds an ale::

Someone's getting Chuck on us.

Sorry, I'm incomparable.  

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