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Current Law Students / Re: Law Review Grades
« on: January 07, 2009, 01:26:37 PM »
Useful site except for the fact that it has only like 15 schools on it, lol.

Current Law Students / Law Review Grades
« on: January 07, 2009, 10:39:18 AM »
Since our grades are just coming in.......anybody have a general idea of what it takes to get onto law review, i.e. to achieve top 10%? Assuming a 4.0 scale, what is the general GPA range for top 10%? Does getting a B or a B+ or a C+  in one class basically kill your chances?

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / W&L Waitlist update
« on: May 14, 2008, 02:04:39 PM »
Just got an e-mail saying to let them know if im still interested, and to give a scholarship amount I would expect, as they are close to offering spots. Is this basically a priority waitlist, or did everyone get this message today?

Thanks so much zardoz.  After talking with someone at my undergrad I was starting to think the same thing.  If this situation should arise, I will call school A just to clarify then post the results on this thread.

You realize I gave the same answer as the last guy right? Who cares about the deadline? They dont give you the money in 2 weeks wtf? Just accept and then withdraw if you have to how hard is it.

Say you've been accepted by school A.  Let's say school A anticipates making financial aid awards available at the beginning of June.  And at the same time, say you're on the WL at school B.  And let's say you prefer school B to school A.  But let's say when school A makes your financial aid available, you have two weeks to accept or decline the award.  And let's say school B estimates they will begin pulling students off their waitlist after the two week window at school A.  Can you accept the financial aid award because if you don't get pulled off the WL at school B you'll need it?  But what if you do get pulled off of the waitlist at school B?  Since at least two of the loans are coming from the same place is it transferable?  Is this situation handled differently on a school-by-school basis?  Help?

You accept to school A, you pay your $ by their deposit deadlines to reserve your spot, then if you get into school B you just also pay their deposits and send in a letter of resignation to school A saying you're giving up your spot.

By applying late you probably have been placed on a defacto waitlist. Meaning that they were all ready at their quota for acceptances and they have to wait "wait" until someone withdraws until they can offer you admission or place you on the official waitlist.

Well i didnt send it in late, they just decided to never tell me they had it or send it in for review until i started bugging them, i sent it in January.......

I've been bugging the admissions office with e-mails (and by bugging i mean 2 e-mails) the past 2 weeks since I realized I never got a receipt of completed application. Well, they finally respond and say they have it (ive had to do this for about 3 schools-- where i send an e-mail, then the day after they day they got it-- wtf is with that, did they just not process it for some reason and found it lying on the floor?!) and that I will receive a decision as soon as possible, at the latest by the end of May. What does this even mean, arent all UCLA decisions basically already sent out right now, did I basically just get myself on the waitlist? Whats going on here, haha.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: wack relationship thread
« on: April 11, 2008, 02:27:55 AM »
so i've posted before about relationships here, but now it seems to be getting closer to doomsday. i've been with my boyfriend for about a year, and for all intents and purposes, i would love to be with him for you know...more than a year.

the kicker has finally come. he applied to a variety of schools to get his phd, and has currently only been accepted at michigan. he got rejected at harvard and berkeley and waitlisted at princeton (all of which i think are wack because well, he's very intelligent and his credentials are great, but i think his big downfall is that he's coming right from ug). columbia is still pending for him.

i, for all intents and purposes, will be going to school in boston.

see the problem?

what do i do? i'm totally devastated right now.

1.) Stop saying "for all intents and purposes" so much when it serves no purpose in the sentence.

2.) The thread title is ambiguous.  Is the relationship wack--or is the thread?

3.) Break up with your boyfriend.  He will not be gaining substantial income for (at least) the next five years.


lol you're funny i like you, if you end up at the law school i end up going to (tulane or fordham if i get on from the waitlist) I would enjoy being your friend, hahaha

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Fordham Waitlist Question
« on: April 04, 2008, 04:05:43 PM »
Hey guys-- Just got a mailing at my HOUSE in chicago that i got waitlisted at Fordham, one of my top choices. Funny how they didnt send it to my school mailing address like they're supposed to since thats my current address, and I got no e-mail from them. Do either of these things mean anything? Also can someone who got waitlisted there tell me EXACTLY what the form says? I called home and asked what it said and i cant believe what I was told is accurate-- theres no way it can say "Well make a decision by August 1st" when every other school in the world needs your full deposit before that date, lol. Any idea what % of the waitlist they admitted in past years? Thanks and sorry for creating a new thread :)

My take on Sports Law, if you are wanting to be a sports agent that is extremely difficult unless you know people who are in the game, look at the biggest baseball agent scott boras, former minor leaguer, it is hard to break into that field unless you have connections and past experience with it, also I think it helps if you are familar with what is going on in their life, and have upper level experience in the sport past high school, now if you are looking to become a gm, that is also hard to do but you still need the right connections, many of the gms are trending younger and younger and are coming from professional school such as business or law school, these are guys who started about as low on the totem pole as you can and worked their way up.  That is one thing you have to think about wanting to get into sports law is that 150k job is just not going to be there your first couple years out, but it could be a bigger payoff in the end, because who would not like to be gm for the Atlanta Braves, now as far as general counsel goes I really do not know too much about it, but if it were me and I wanted to do sports law I would want to be on the other side of it not general counsel, hope this helps

If anything this post makes it seem as if you have no knowledge about sports law dude :(.......theres literally an endless number of things you can do with sports law, obvioulsy im not naive enough to have my goal to become a GM of some NBA team or a super high profile agent, obviously thats pretty unlikely :(, and i dont expect a 150k sports law job out of school either, but I'd also not be happy with a 50k sports law job out of law school if I could have done biglaw and gotten something more than double. I'm sure Gabe/Prof Feldman will fill me in on wed and then ill let everyone know what he said, or not since isnt law school supposed to be CUTTHROAT? :P

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