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Any advice would be great!  I am 18, a home school student, and graduated this past May from high school.  I am going to be attending college in the fall, an will be at second semester sophomore status this fall.  I plan to graduate in two years with a B.A. in general liberal arts, emphasis in political science. My current GPA is 4.0.  I want to become involved in some aspect of public policy.  I will be starting an internship with my political party for this election cycle. 

The problem is that the college I am attending is a small, private Christian school, and I transferred in nearly 40 credits from a local community college.  Will this be a major drawback for me in the admissions process for law school?  Also, would you advise that I go straight into law school as soon as I finish UG, or should I wait a couple years?  What are my chances of getting into Georgetown or George Mason with this type of record?  (Sorry I don't have an LSAT score yet...I'll be taking a practice test within the next week.)


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