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No way! When we did NYLSD a few years back, it was great! I love those kids.


Now reports are saying Ahmadinejad has 60% of the vote.  ::)
Also from 'sources'?

Hallo delicious orangey beverage!

Hahahaaha!!!  ;D

Ok next time you and bears are closeby, drinks are on bears!  ;D

Bears thinks you should do this. Bears likes gems.  :)

Where do you live, botbot? Can I buy you a drink?  ???

I always trust "sources". Remember when Dan Rather relied on "sources" to try to discredit the bush white house, and got owned for it?

Job Search / Re: ITT You Help Bears Get A Job
« on: June 12, 2009, 12:57:51 PM »
You are a good man, botbot! Your posts are always amazing.

Especially useful was the advice requiring firm ranges to target. Do you think I'd be marketable at lower AmLaw 250 or 100k+ paying midlaw in the regions I mentioned, or should I be sending out resumes to a lot of firms in the 50-100k range as well, for assurance that I don't end up homeless?

Finally, to what extent can I pull off moving to a big firm in a small market in the area I mentioned (e.g. Connecticut, Jersey, Albany, etc.) when I have no connections in those cities besides my love of their wonderful money?

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