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My Situation:
I am currently studying for my LSAT, registered to take it June 11th; I do very, very well on Reasoning and RC. My accuracy on games approaches 100%, but I am very slow to diagram and make deductions. As a result, I end up completing 2 games, and the remaining Grab-A-Rule questions. The LSAT practice tests I have taken thus far have been disappointing primarily due to this weakness: 159, 157, 162, 159, 158.

I have been studying for about 2 months or so, and as you can see, my results are not improving, and I do not feel that my games are going to get much faster. With only 3 weeks to go until the big day, I feel I may be incapable of helping myself much more.

My UGPA situation is significantly brighter. I graduated from an unremarkable public UG (CUNY) with a GPA of 3.9+ in a Liberal Arts Major with a concentration in Legal Studies. I worked full-time throughout my UG career at a small law lirm, and have been employed for a year since my graduation at a very prestigious NYC Biglaw Firm as a Junior Paralegal.

I realize that unless I raise my LSAT score, I will have a very tough time making a top 20 School, but I know I have the work ethic and innate intelligence to do well wherever I end up, so I feel that transferring or making top 15% is a possibility for me.

Please rate my chances at achieving acceptance at the following schools:
Fordham (PT) -
Cardozo (PT) -
Cardozo (FT) -
St. John's (FT) -
GW (PT) -
Florida (FT) -
Miami (FT) -
Hastings (FT) -
USC (FT) -
Tulane (FT) -

Additionally, I am not tied to the NYC market, and am more than happy to move to a second-market city to achieve my career goals and to avoid a fate doing Doc. Review or ID work. If you have any advice on other Law Schools that I should consider, I would greatly appreciate any input.

Many thanks in advance to anyone with constructive replies.

Where should I go next fall? / Florida Legal Market
« on: May 14, 2007, 05:26:30 PM »
I am new to the board, so please be gentle.

I am currently working as a Paralegal at a NYC Biglaw firm and studying for my LSAT. Realistically, my UG GPA and projected LSAT scores will get me into Cardozo, St. John's and Brooklyn, with the possibility of Fordham PT.

Having grown up in NYC, I am not enamored with the City, and I am willing to spread my wings to find better career options. I am evaluating the option of going to a higher-rated law school in a secondary or tertiary market. Florida looks nice, and I think I could easily find a spot in Florida's top schools (Florida and Miami), where I feel I can perform competitively.

I realize the Miami and Tampa legal markets are not quite as robust as that of New York City, I think there is some wisdom in becoming a big fish in a small pond, rather than a small fish in an ocean.

That being said, what kind of career options are open in Biglaw or Boutique Law Firms in Florida as compared to NYC, and what is the likelihood of landing a Biglaw or High-Paying Boutique job in Florida?

Will I be able to make $100-125k starting if I graduate top 1/3 to top 15% from Florida or Miami, considering that I have no native contacts there?

If anyone knows the area, let me know. Your advice is much appreciated.

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