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In @ SMU, 30 years old (turning 31 right before school starts), solid 10 years W/E.
yea, I turn 32 in Nov.  I feel like an undergrad freshman again (Temple U. Business '98)except this time I know what not to do...  9 years W/E, post grad ed., and a Veteran (Airborne).  whoooah!!

Wow people.  was just saying:  We don't give as much as we could.  Perhaps we should.  But sharing in real life (unlike in kindergarden) is a choice.  If it is used for survival, that is still a choice.  That is the basis of free will.

Morality has nothing to do with it. The concept of morality is highly subjective (Ex: The Taliban and Women Vs. American Society and Women)

Temple hates me
I got WL at Temple too.  I'm ans undergrad alum.  I sold my Owl suit to good will...
I'm going to Dickinson S.L. at Penn State.

I got dissed at harvard, waitlisted at Temple, and U. of Baltimore, Accepted to U. of Akron, Widener, Thomas M. Cooley, and Penn State Dickinson.

I figured Harvard was a no go but you never know...  I'm framing the denial too.  When I make my multi-million dollar endowment to Penn State I'll sent a copy of that to Harvard along with a copy of the check...  That or I won't care by then and will forget the whole thing.

Temple hates me
I got WL at Temple too.  I'm ans undergrad alum.  I sold my Owl suit to good will...

If you had read ANY of this thread, then you'd see that I am comparing welfare used by illegal immigrants within the U.S., to the welfare given to people outside this country.  We give aid to other countries to help them, and we have our OWN welfare system for OUR OWN citizens.  Our domestic system should not be used by those illegally in our country.  (I SAID ALL OF THIS ALREADY)

And besides, even if it is the smallest compared to GDP, it is still more than everyone else.  65% of NATO aid to Darfur came from the U.S. 

And who else are we supposed to give it to?  When we give it directly to the people, the government or local warlords steal it.  When we give it to the government to distribute, then they misuse it.  Are you saying that we should stop all aid because it might end up in the hands of the corrupt?  Then you'd be complaining that the U.S. doesn't give any aid. 

yeah, I don't care about your argument.  I just really hate when people cite the statistic that we give more money than any other country.  The point is, we don't give as much as we could.  We don't get bragging rights.
We don't give as much as we could but we don't actually have to give. 

Black Law Students / Re: Missing class in law school???
« on: May 13, 2007, 07:33:02 AM »
Just put a blow up doll in your seat.  The prof wont notice...  Oh wait...

You can get into a Biglaw without going to a T1.  It's amatter of how well you do with grades, and your networking abilities.  Some of the Profs in the T4 have Biglaw connections.  Some of the Biglaw Firms go to regional schools to specifically meet with the top 10 of the class.  The main point is to get the JD.  Everything else will work out if you do your work right.

Have faith in yourself.  If you don't no one else will.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Penn State!!
« on: May 13, 2007, 07:20:55 AM »
I'm also in, and there is a school specific board in the students, and graduates section if you want to write the others.  There are also current 2L, and 3Ls who seem more than willing to answer all questions.
I'm on the Carlisle Campus.

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