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Just FYI for those of you who like me got rejected to school when you first applied, then again if when you try to transfer... Try visiting for you last year... So far i'm 2 and O  It is pretty cool, you will get to attend the school for your last year and the credits transfer back to your home school.

good luck everyone on your transfer apps.. the whole process it a female dog..!!

What the hell!! Only around 10% of the people in my class actually took and passed the mpre. How the hell did I get a C in my law school's Professional responsibility class??!! With basically the same type of freaking questions!! B/c of the freaking curve?? Are you serious?!! rediculous.... shows how much crap law school grades are....I'm emailing the professor now... hopefully it is a mistake.. but usually isn't... still that just doesn't make sense... I knew the freaking material... crist i passed the mpre in march!! omg!! Seriously... my lowest grade in law school comes from a class where the state bar examinaners said i was within a high percentile??!! Someone explain this to me!! I'm glad that i already passed the mpre.. b/c if I didn't.. i'd be pretty scared of that exam right now... f-ing bull!!

Transferring / Penn Rejection
« on: July 16, 2007, 11:42:30 AM »
Just letting you know they are comming by mail.. I got mine today. I'm not suprised, it was one of those wish upon the star schools. I'm still waiting on the real school I want to attend... TEMPLE!! Stop the waiting I hate this.. I did this last year!!@ haha good luck to all.

PS: I'll tell my stats after my cycle.. not now

Transferring / Villanova and Temple status
« on: July 13, 2007, 09:44:13 AM »
Anyone hear from Temple???? I just got rejected from Villanova.. I heard they are only taking like 5 transfers this year. Since they are fixing up the building more are staying than normal producing less spots. I'm hoping Temple b/c of the PT and FT opportunites will let more people in "including myself of course" we'll just have to wait and see. Has anyone heard from them??? or have any information on TEMPLE? So far i'm just complete, I will probibly hear soon though.

Transferring / How long do transfer decisions usually take????
« on: June 18, 2007, 03:45:01 PM »
Hi all: I was just wondering how long the average school takes to make a decision after they receive everything.  Is it usally only a week or so??  Also FYI i'm applying to Temple, Penn and Villanova, so if any of you transfered to these schools or have knowlege or personal experience concerning these schools please feel free to give me some input on them, like chances of transfer, amount they take etc. PS: It would be a lateral transfer for Temple and Villanova, but Penn I understand could be out of reach, but hey, it is always worth a shot, haha. Could any of these schools make a conditional decision while they wait for my ranking and or summer school grades?? I told them not to wait for my summer class grades unless they felt it necessary to make a decision. I'll be done this week with them anyway.

 Also I believe everything has been sent into the school except my rank and letter of good standing. Which hopefully will be soon, although i do think my schoool is stonewalling me a bit on the ranking b/c they say that they want to wait for all the grades to come in, but my grades are all in and so is every other 1L, so they could do something, has any of you had the same issue with your school?? I asked the school to send in something if they can hypothsize my rank and then send in the exact one when they have the information available, I doubt they will be able to do that though.

Thanks for the advice and comments!!

Hello all!! I just found this site this week!! man am I oblivious!! So much so that I can't choose between these two schools!! I know there is an obviously price factor... But seriously.... I need some help in comparing programs... I hear temple is the litigator school and Villanova is the business law school is that true???? THey are both ranked the same... If that is so, then why do I see so many people choosing Villanova over Temple??? Reason?? Is the suburb really that better than the city life?? I'm having such a hard time!! I look them up on NALP Temple has 75 firms for oci and Villanova has 95... Could that make Villanova worth being so much more expensive??? Are those figures even relevant???

Is student life different?? I NEED HELP!!

In essence I would like 1. your personal opinion and 2. maybe a good thread disscussion with a solid comparison b/t the two b/c i'm sure that students are thinking of the same things.....

3. Also if you choose one school over another can you Please tell me why???

Thank you so much everyone!! I look forward to learning so much on this intersting bored I wish I found it sooner!!


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