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Job Search / Re: Working during academic year.
« on: August 23, 2008, 07:18:23 AM »
It is an ABA rule that you can't work more than 20 hours and go to school full time. If you go PT, it isn't an issue. Also, some schools have even more stringent rules than the ABA's, so you'll want to make sure you're not violating them.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Penn State School of Law
« on: August 23, 2008, 07:13:30 AM »
DCLabor is right. From what I have heard the new video technology is very, very good, and I believe it probably is. I know the ABA was hesitant about the videoconferencing in the first place and has been keeping its eye on it very closely, and so far, it has no complaints, so apparently all is well. You don't need to worry about it as a 1L, but even when you get to schedule your own classes, you can tell from the master schedule which ones are live in Carlisle and videoconferenced to UP or vice versa. Also, as far as pressuring students to choose UP over Carlisle, I don;t believe that's the case. There is a huge investment in Dickinson at both campuses, not just one over the other.

Job Search / Re: Jobs for 2L's
« on: August 19, 2008, 05:47:42 PM »
Check with your profs and see if they need an RA. It doesn't pay a lot but it is $$$ and it also gives you something law related to put on your resume. Also, try some of the smaller firms and/or solos in the area. They often are looking for a little extra help. Finally, the Career Services office might also have some listings for firms that hire during the school year. Basically, finding a job for the school year is just like finding one for the summer except there isn't as much competition (usually). It takes a little bit of networking. Good luck.

NALP has some interesting research on first year salaries. Everyone thinks lawyers make a huge sum fresh out of school, but sad reality is most don't.

Current Law Students / Re: Question on Supplements/Hornbooks
« on: August 14, 2008, 06:03:39 PM »
Personally, I didn't you a single study aid that was keyed to my casebooks, except property and that wasn't on purpose. Everything I found was by Dukeminier, and he happened to be my casebook author. I'm sure it may have been more helpful, but my profs jumped around and skipped such huge sections or taught is so differently from the casebook, it didn't matter for me.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: used or new supplements
« on: August 13, 2008, 08:13:14 AM »
Depends on how old... The FRCPs were changed in December 2007, but a lot of the amendments deal with electronic media, so older ones shouldn't have that much, if any, effect on you. I used older versions (early 2000s) and got an A in the class. My prof recommended Glannon's E&E, though, and I did get the newest version of it.
As for other supplements, I used used ones and saved some $. For civ pro, and really for any of your classes, a lot will depend on how your prof teaches. I've had profs that followed commercial outlines almost to the T, and others who supplements were useless for.
There's plenty of threads on this, but I liked Crunchtime by Emanuel a lot. It was short and sweet and I wish they had it for ALL classes. Supplements keyed to your casebooks are also helpful (for example, Dukeminier is worshipped when it comes to property law). With the exception of Crunchtime, I used a different brand of supplement for every class. It is all about what works for you.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: used or new supplements
« on: August 12, 2008, 04:52:52 PM »
For con law, you'll definitely want the latest edition because the law evolves so quickly. For torts, property, etc., you could go with an older version and save some $$$ because the black letter law is basically the same.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Textbooks: School bookstore or amazon/
« on: August 11, 2008, 04:22:49 PM »
I bought my textbooks at the campus bookstore first year only because we didn't get our schedule in time to know which books we were using. This year, I ordered online and saved over half. It also helped that some of my casebooks were older editions. Downside to that is there will probably be a new edition coming out before I can try to sell mine. Anyway, if you know the ISBN, try Googling it. Sometimes there are smaller bookstores that are selling it a little cheaper or offering free shipping. I've ordered from several smaller ones, as well as, ebay and amazon. But if you're buying used, make sure you double check the condition of the book. If you don't mind highlighting, it shouldn't make a difference. But if you do, make sure the seller carefully describes the book's condition.

Job Search / Richards, Layton, Finger...anyone know anything about them
« on: August 11, 2008, 04:17:06 PM »
Looking for info as I have an interview coming up. Specifically looking for people who worked there or got an offer and can share some insight. Thanks.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Health Insurance
« on: August 10, 2008, 07:45:41 AM »
Have you tried checking out the ABA's program. It is available to Law Student Division members. You can join for $25. The insurance is extra and there's a couple different plans to choose from and they are all pretty affordable. The plan is decent too, depending on your needs.

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