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lets not blame the prisons, lets not blame society, lets blame the blacks, latinos or whites or WHOEVER


and jillybean said "in sports race doesnt matter because owners are just trying to get the "best" teams"

well, this should apply everywhere.  our country should have the best lawyers and dammnit, if blacks dont qualify, then there wont be any!    omg this is ridiculous! 
also, there are no black swimmers on the swim team- why? because none qualified!!! tell THAT to al sharpton!

Dear Adlai,

the confederate flag IS a time honored southern tradition...and as a matter of fact, there were proud confederate whites, blacks and jews...

so figure it out from there...

Dear Naturally,

Thanks for the responses, im going to read through them and make sure i understand clearly what you are trying to convey.  Through a quick glance i see you are a member of the NAACP.  I am not of african descent nor am i black, but i am a first generation from greek immigrant parents.  i by no means am comparing our races, just to let you know my background.

When i asked you why it was "ok" for the rappers to get away with those lyrics, i wasn't referring to YOU, but just the fact that no one (particularly al sharpton, etc) is raising a flag. there was a recent debate between al sharpton and sean hannity, you should check it out!

about the confederate flag- i live in the south- south carolina where the NAACP had held a "tourist ban", a few years back and its still going on now if i know my history because the confederate flag flew above our statehouse practically forever.

they, the NAACP, believes the flag is a symbol of racism and slavery an want it banished.  Of course they won their case but they are still upset about something, no one knows for sure what it is now though. 

anyways, we could go on forever, but i was just curious on your take of these issues, especially since you are member of NAACP it helps me, and just anyone in general!  let me know if im still unclear
and no im not racist, ignorant or anything!
thanks naturally!

oh, by the way, theres a song by lauren hill called "nappy head" and they (wyclef jean) calls lauren hill nappy head (or the other way around) and they are all cool with it....

Dear Naturally:
i am glad to see you appreciate historical contexts. so answer me this...why is the confederate flag being "erased"? that is part of history, both white and black, yet it is found to be so offensive that is now a racial stigma!  why why why? just as much as "hip hop" is a culture/heritage, so is the confederate flag!  As a matter of fact, correct me if i am wrong, if we use this logic on retiring flags because it was used by "offensive groups", shouldn't the American Flag be retired because the KKK flies it everywhere? Also, you never responded to my Al Sharpton query.

Additionally, the rappers are being permitted to say anything they want, via free speech. the rapper/producer "russel simmons" on anderson cooper said its ok for the rappers to say anything because "its true and its how they feel and its what really happen" (that is a paraphrased quote by the way) so why can't everyone else?  and for you to even mention the psuedo fact that most rap is being sponsored by white suburban kids is such a cop out!  the music is created by mostly blacks is an undeniable fact.  just because you saw some BS on tv saying that its supported by white kids in the burbs doesn't take anything away from the producers. 
your turn!

Dear Naturally....

Gasp...Colored people eh?  I think that is an ignorant label and please disect your argument in such a fashion that you do not simply return a question to my side of the table...

What i am trying to understand is why:
the rapper "timbaland" can use the "gasp" N- word "I'm just that pimp n-word from Va. Beach Rrrrob each, uh, let me not slur my speech"  in a song without reprecussion
i can write a book about rappers and their lyrics...biggie smalls in "juicy"- "and if you dont know, now you know, n-word"

Al sharpton can call the former mayor of NY (david dinkins)a "gasp" "n-word whore" and, most significantly, defend this action by saying "well, i apologized, i was wrong." but not as wrong as don imus who didnt even say the n word or anything close to it???
And what about the white girls on the rutgers team?

why is calling black people "colored" or "negroes" is taboo, yet there are organizations that foster these labels, so just curious, why can't everyone refer to them as this?

OK natural...i am not bashing you, i am seriously curious on your take of these issues and how you relate to them.  i dont want a race war, just some level headed understanding!
it is in my sole biased opinion that the term "colored people" is highly offensive...or am i wrong to think this?

it may have been said, but i didnt check through the 17 pages...but this country is nothing now but DE FACTO segregation...correct?  i mean, even in my college, all the blacks hung out together.  i believe they take it a step further with the united negro college fund (also, its funny how i cant call blacks negro even though they call themselves that when it comes to getting money for college)

anyways...thats my rant. 

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Are LSN LSAT scores inflated?
« on: May 09, 2007, 01:08:41 AM »
theres a black chick on LSN who claimed to be accepted to washington and lee with a whopping 148 LSAT and a 3.8-3.9 gpa...someone wanna check that out?

Incoming 1Ls / financial aid
« on: May 09, 2007, 01:06:32 AM »
anyone know how much financial aid i should expect- i made 6300 bucks last year- does it matter that i was 3K dollars under the poverty line?  lets say my tuition with room and board is 30K- how much money should i expect to be able to get, loans, grants, etc?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: OMG where do i go, please help!
« on: May 07, 2007, 09:46:52 PM »
by attending st thomas, i can land in miami, and surely miami is better than charleston in every respect.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: OMG where do i go, please help!
« on: May 07, 2007, 09:35:48 PM »
well u havent competed in the charleston job market- its so bad if getting a cold was a job, i wouldnt be able to catch one.

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