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im late for work but fuq it..

ok, let see where do i begin.

first, i knew not every NAACP member was black, i threw that in there just for sake of argument.  second, KKK is a hate group while NAACP is a political group.  the KKK does not want anyone who isnt pure white anglo saxon to be in their group.  the NAACP will take anyone who will join- white, black, jew.  the naacp wants a diverse culture to stray away from their counterpart-the black panthers- who are a hate group.  also, TITLE alone, national association for the advancement of colored people one can refer represents colored people.  i have yet to see the NAACP take an issue on a non colored person and back them up.  if you have seen sucha thing, please let me know im curious.

now, about my africa rant.  i didnt mean you would SURELY be suffereing, but i have done a bit of reading/research through college about the state of affairs in Africa and the majority of things aren't going so well.  and before the evil white man went to africa and stole the slaves- wait a minute- it was africans who sold africans into slavery.  nevermin then....

now just because you are black doesnt make you african.  im speaking about true african descendents.  please tell me that harriet tubman would want her struggles to be shot in vain with the political fires of al sharpton and jesse jackson.  read the book "shakedown" if you care to learn anything about jesse jackson.  as long as the "black man is down" and theres a "struggle in the hood", al sharpton and jesse jackson thrive.  without this, htey are nothing and they know it. its sad that they represent the black community when much of the black community realize they are being hosed.   

back to africa and their thriving economy.  africa was thriving through- wait a second- slavery!!!!!

i stand behind my research that slavery was occuring well before the european imperialism took shape.  europeans simply went to the african market and bought what was willingly sold- sure, its wrong, but in those times, thats the way it was.  please dont portray africa as being an innocent victim of euro pillaging.  it wasnt like they invaded africa.  africa was indeed exploited- however, africa exploited africa, europe simply entered the fray at that time. 

also, my father is first generation descendents of the slavs- (czech) the original slaves- where the word came from.  where is my redemption? 

ok, you are hell bent on comparing conferderats to nazies.  here's another attempt to debunk this myth.  nazi germany was ethnic cleansing/genocide. they wanted to rid the earth of jews.  early america, confederates, were not ethnic cleansing, in fact, many white plantation owners/politicians had sex/relationships with slaves and procreated. i will go ahead and save the argument on ur side- yes, some were raped, but not all.  they obviously did not want to rid the earth of africans.   

so now that im back, are you gonna gethafuqoutahere?  i hope u stay and continue our debate.

with all due respect, would u mind sharing ur lsat gpa with us just for informational purposes.  you got into santa clara, a rather good school.  u must have not done THAT bad...

i love this argument!

for the record, every member of the Naacp is probably black, or will i stand corrected?

but, not every black is a member of the naacp.  however, the naacp represents every black whether they want it to or not.  or maybe the blacks that don't want to be referred to as "colored" don't join.  maybe its membership through birth rite.  in any event, the naacp and affirmative action and quotas are all intertwined.  and the conferderate flag cant even be compared to the nazi regime what so ever. 

i have a new topic since that one is going back and forth.  this is hypothetical, but not racist and i don't mean any disrespect, but let's make the best out of a bad situation.

what if slavery would have never occured and blacks would have never been "imported" for lack of better terms...they would all be suffering in africa.  starving, aids ridden, etc.  while i in no way condone slavery, the blacks today aren't slaves and should be more respectful to their ancestors who suffered so they could have a truly better life.  i doubt those former slavews, God bless their souls, would want to see blacks act the way they do now. 
just a thought, bring it on....

how so? your claim states that the civil war was only about slavery, when in fact, it was about a complex network of socioeconomic and cultural issues.  it wasnt JUST SLAVERY, slavery was a major point as the south's economy was doomed to collapse, however there were still other issues at hand
i.e. the major one- the south believed they had a right to secession and they formed the confederacy.  slavery just happened to be an issue- it wasn't THE only issue.  

in the end, it was like every other war, it was about money. and the naacp is the same way- its all about money, who controls what and whos representing what, etc. emancipation proclamation was a good thing, however, now there are modern day slaves, slaves to affirmative action, slaves to quotas, etc.  

ok, first of all how did i miss the point?  i just MADE your point-

too many blacks in the NFL- according to affirmative action and equality, non athletes should be trained to compete and the league should potentially suffer just to make it "fair"

indians program computers, rednecks work construction, greeks own restaurants- its just the way of the world.

by the way, this is your logic, not mine!  im simply outlining "due process" as deemed by the "struggles"

you have manipulated facts to customize your argument.  furthermore, i went to a military college which happened to play a major part in the civil war and the confederacy is embraced as historical culture, southern culture, etc.  and we happen to not believe in slavery, either.  imagine that.

the confederate flag may have been flown by slave laborers in the 1800's, but that is not what it represents today.  just like the american flag/bible/whatever doesn't necessarily stand for hate groups who use it.
the point is, the south lost and conceded to defeat.  the south will rise again, however, in a much more diplomatic and civilized manner.  it may take a while, but it will happen.  to forget what took place so long ago would be to erase history, which is exactly what the naacp and other organizations refuse to do.  if we erase the confederate flag and everything about it, why dont we erase affirmative action, a constant reminder, a symbol if you will, of those harsh times.

anyways , just my thoughts

where do u get your information from? a cracker jacks box?  you are so ignorant to say the confederate flag is a jim crow symbol!
just because the flag flew at the time of jim crow or whatever doesnt mean the two correlate. 
the KKK flew the american flag, so maybe we shouldn't fly that either!

your logic is flawed and baseless. 

how could i not be serious?  MOST computer programmers are INDIAN but theres no outcry!
MOST fast runners are black!  Theres no outcry.

But when most lawyers are white, there is a problem??  It's called "finding what you are good at".  I am of Greek descent, european american, and im not a particularly fast athlete- should nfl teams HAVE to coddle me and train me because there is an underrepresented minority group of european americans in the NFL?? hell no!  why does it apply here?


i live in charleston and it is a tale of two cities if there ever was one.  downtown area is all rich whites living on the battery....but all poor blacks living on the east side and surrounding areas.  the school, while may be white, you will be surrounded in lots of charming, quaint poverty and will probably be mugged/raped/killed as i saw a dead body one afternoon jogging by america street. 

silent swirl
actually, by knowning italian and spanish, you already know portuguese- that is if u have at least half a brain in to which realize portuguese is an italian spanish duo.

it seems as though you are rather smart, so you already conquered the americas!  on the second hand, an exchange student i knew who spoke portuguese had no problem talking tothe exchange student from spain, so they could communicate, so spanish, french and english will indeed conquer the lands!

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