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i think i asked in the wrong area

thanks for the insight, i think i know what i want, i just dont want to admit it.  there are so many other variables going on in my life that its hard to say what the right choice is.  i think because i have a lowly undergrad college degree (citadel) and its not nationally recognized,  i wanted a big name law school so i wouldnt be restricted regionally.  i've got a few weeks to pour it over, but i know i can do better than my mid 150 lsat.
thats what gets me.  if i had studied, taken the classes, etc and gotten the score id be like ok - but i took the test during a super stressful time (just closed dwn my restaurant of3 years) and needed a new plan.  dont get me wrong, law school was always on my mind, but after college i had a shot and i took it. 

my brain was fried, so me doing what i did i was surprised.  i guess its like entering a race and finishing third- then knowing, wow, with some practice i can win it all- so you know u have the ability, but do u have the patience?  i really dont want to risk transfering- if i go to st thomas, thats where i have to settle on- at the end of the year, if i did good, then i can try but ill kill myself if all im doing is trying to get the hell out of there. 

anyways thanks again and good luck at michigan

i definitely dont want to assume.  i mean, anything can happen, i can fail out.  to be honest, before i started applying i thought law school was law school with the exception of the brand names..the usual suspects, everything from harvard to iowa.   

then it got tedious.  complicated.  damn this.  i think what worries me is st thomas is next door to miami, my first choice per se-i have miamis bottome cut off advertised lsat but i applied late and have low gpa.  ugh

heres the reason for the argument

im torn.  i took the lsat cold, have a 2.5 gpa, applied to schools in march, pretty much 12 am before deadline due...

i got accepted to t4 schools but i believe with ample study i can achieve a mid 160.  if i didnt think i was capable, i woudlnt bother, but deep inside it feels like im settling for less even tho i aplied with the mindset saying "ill go anywhere that takes me"  i really want to go to a top 100- even bottom 25. i.e. miami, san diego, usc  im in at st thomas but im really nervous about going and risking it because i dont want to wait a year. 

i cant sleep. this sucks. 

ok once again, im looking BAck on hindsight. lets say i was top 10percent of a tier 4...then i turned back time, went to, say, university of miami or even university of south carolina and i was bottom 10 percent.

which gave me the best deal?

dear law dog 07,

im deeply insulted you assume im racist.  i made an analogy, using an example that if blacks dont qualify for law school, why should there be any.  im not saying that they dont.  its hypothetical.  in fact, you can replace black with whites.  if no whites qualify for law school there damn sure shouldnt be any.  and comparing it to sports is justified.  its the principle at hand.  in my area, most of the garbage men are black.  i rarely if ever seen any whites doing this profession.  nothing wrong with it, just definitely a lack of represented whites.  why/ who knows, just the way it is, but i doubt whites are being discriminated against.  its just the way things are. 

also- foot locker in my area, not a single white person in the store as of last weekend.  all black employees.  why?  maybe no whites applied.  maybe no whites qualified for the positions. 

my point is, why do we, as in this country, willingly sacrifice the good of the country to please the agitated.  i am in no way saying that blacks cant be good lawyers- there are Lots of awesome black lawyers and judges out there.  and i believe u said something along the lines that the lsat is not an indicator of how you do in law school?  i think that is ridiculous- that is the measuring tool by which law schools use to determine acceptance. 

i am really floored that you think i "outted" myself by comparing best lawyers to blacks- a statement which YOU manipulated and curved to fit your agenda.  you know very well that it was not in that context, i was simply using a formula to make a point.  if there are no qualifying white doctors, there should be no white doctors.  happy now? 
sports and law are not one in the same.  but the principle behind placement is.  i want you to argue that there arent enough cambodians in the MLB.  or there aren't enough asians in the NFL.  you won't do it because you know that sports are based on qualifications, just like anything should be- why wouldnt you want your team to be the best?  why wouldnt you want your lawyer to be the best?  i bet if the NFL gave me a chance- gave me an extra edge, i may very well become a great running back.  then again, they dont have to because there are plenty of people out ther with talent and ability who can do it without the edge.

anyways, im not going to bite your racist bait, you know damn well what you were trying to do.

tag?  whats that...also, what does titcr mean...

yea, i understand its too variable to say definitely that a bottom feeder in a top school would excel in a lower ranked or regarded school

but my point was- variables aside- is it worth going to a top school if u sank on the bottom as opposed to excelled in a t4/t3 school....

jobwise and financial ability to earn more income

Choosing the Right Law School / does it really matter where u go?
« on: May 23, 2007, 12:49:59 AM »
does it?  is it better to be top of ur class in t3/t4 or bototm of class in t1/t2 (minus t14 of course)

Choosing the Right Law School / anyone like their tier 4 school?
« on: May 23, 2007, 12:43:07 AM »
with all this jumble mumble bs about tier 4's being crap- wheres the truth? 
if you are at at tier 4 and enjoy or have thrived or whatever let me know please!!

dispel the rumors our concede to the facts!!

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