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it looks like ill be taking a deferral because of my financial situation.  anyways, on campus isnt too bad i hear, but surrounding campus is the ghetto or so im told.  i dont know if id want to live on because i dont know the rules about living there, but who knows.

when are u going?

from what ive heard, a place called miami lakes is a five minute drive that seems to be THEE place to be.

 i think a one bedroom is around 900 without utilities...but dont quote me, its just what ive heard around and you can always live on campus

thanks for the info....

previous posts really didnt mention any specific schools, id like to know which ones they were talking about

second of all, i want to go to school in florida, but it seems soooo saturated with 10 law schools and AVE (11th) on its way.

i feel hesitant to go to a florida T-4 T-3 school since you have UF, FSU and UM right there, top law schools. 

anyways, im probably deferring a year anyways, which blows, but gives me time to redo this process and get to a better recognized school- which will help me sleep at night while im there. 

Para thanks,

Trust me ive gotten my finances on hold- i was never really in over my head so to speak, i was simply unable to catch up.  i mean, i can make all my monthly minimums, but thats it.  i also now live at home.  my parents simply took over the house payments, well, they do real estate investing and bought it and rented it out.  no money was made.  i only had the house for a year so no equity was really built. 

basically, i understand i cant get the 85K i need to turn my life around.  i mean, i can get it, just not through loans.  pisses me off, really, because i was lookin forward to that lower monthly interest rate across the board and a timely deferral until i start makin the big bucks again.  the way i see it, is im a fair shot at starting at 60k at least- 5k a month, back to what i was making before granted more bills- however, more fiscal responsibility. 

and yesssss, debt is slavery!!!  its a black cloud raining on me everytime i try to move.  only time will tell but i hope i can find some good work here.  you guys really dont understand how backwards, old fashioned, unambitious the city of charleston and the entire state of SC is.  theres a girl i currently work with who is basically the poster child for women here (omg, please dont give me a fem nazi thing, its MY experience, not yours)
anyways, her high school teacher came in and saw her- asking where shes going to college. the girls response "well, dropped out of high school, im pregnent, getting married and just bought a trailer" she said this with pride and a smile. 

i wish u could have seen the teachers face.  the girl just turned 18 by the way.  im trying to claw my ass out of here ASAP.

unless you have some serious connections, which i dont, the good ol' boy system will paralyze you. 

its really not a matter of where i go- its where i can get away form here.  also, any law degree will wrok in this town if i want to come back- which i dont- which is a good thing

ok enough ranting, time to head to work, again....

wow...ok thanks for the insight again

if you are wondering about the car, i did get royally screwed.  i bought it from MAZDA - dont ever buy a mazda- from a high school "friend" who i trusted not to take me for all i was worth.  i bought it brand new and turns out this jackass had some tricks up his sleeve.  granted they didnt put a gun to my head but i really thought i was gettinga good deal.  THEY got a good deal.  

im upside down 5 K blue book value is 15K and im still taking a 5 grand loss IF i even sell it.  thats a big if in this market.  but then ill be out of a car with no credit or money to buy a new one.

anyways, im currently job searching for a REAL job so i can hurry up and pay this off and defer to next year.  i have cut back on every single thing and the mcdonalds was a joke regarding their dollar menu- i do eat it ONCE in a blue moon.

i live at home and i work at a restaurant so my food bill is uber low.  how did i go from 5K to 2 K?  company closed and i was SOL.  market in charleston, SC sucks really really bad.

anyways, if anyone else is in this predicament, godspeed

if you aren't- don't get in it!!    

if you can't afford it, don't buy it.  period

Financial Aid / omg im screwed-
« on: May 25, 2007, 01:06:29 AM »
The budget at my school is set for 47k.  Peanuts as I understand.  How do i go about trying to get an increase in allotted budget?  I will get $20,500 from stafford and i plan on using access group or THE for the rest of the 27K- will they allow me to take more?  I have heard they will not.

hey guys,

ok, my GPA was a 2.8 knob year- not too bad really as a knob, a little above average with all things considering.  However, i reallllly screwed up sophomore year. things went to hell.  i took 21 hours each semester, plus varsity wrestling, plus being a cadet- my gpa floated right above a 2.0.  plus, i had tours (punishments) from the end of knob year when my classmates and i got set up by some BS upperclassmen- we got screwed.  however, i didnt want to sound like a whiny baby because i chose the citadel and the challenges AND there are guys who DID get 3.5-4.0's...GRANTED every single person's experience is different and people handle stress in different ways, so i didnt feel like i had a right to female dog about my circumstance, a circumstance i put myself in to begin with.  i could have went to College of charleston, majored in women's studies, took 12 hours each semester and have a 4.0.  but i didnt and i dont and i wouldnt trade my citadel experience for a 4.0 ever.  i think i learned more with my 2.5 than i would at a regular campus with a 4.0, but that is just me. 

i earned deans list junior year with a 3.3, but it couldnt save me from the 42 hours of 2.0.  we needed 144 hours to graduate with a simple bachelors of science.  i was a business major. 

anyways, with regard to the june test, impossible.  didnt study, didnt come up with this plan until too late.  defintely not gonna try my luck again.  id take the sept/october test and spend at least 3 grand taking power score and the like. 
sigh, anyways thanks again fellas....

yea, but i believe this past year it shot up to high 70's...they are working on that and honestly that doesn't bother me too much anymore. 


i def will admit i half assed attempted to get in somewhere- it was like a desperate throw trying to hit the bullseye...and i didnt come close.

and yes, the citadel as in the military college of sc- i didnt say it has a bad rep, just not a nationally recognized one- i meet people all the time who arent from the south and they are like "Citadel?  WTF is that?"  Rudy Guliani did the commencement speech this year and GW himself came while i was a cadet but there seems to be a crack the citadel keeps falling through.

anyways thanks again for the info.  and you are right about the T4 i think- st thomas charges 26 plus 10 for room and board.  seems like a loooot of money for a low regarded school especially since UM is just about the same?

law dog 07 wrote:
I think the LSAT is a barrier for many minorities.  Reason being that many minorities cannot afford to pay the astronomical fees that are charged for the prep courses or prep materials.  The LSAT does not test your intelligence.  If you can manipulate the test, you will do well.  This is what the prep courses teaches you.  I know people with ugly GPA's that have scored in the 160's on their LSAT.  Personally, I had a good GPA and my diagnostic score was a 148 on the LSAT (even though my GRE and SAT scores were good enough to work for Kaplan).  I took the EXTENDED Kaplan course twice and learned the tricks like the back of my hand.  I ended up scoring in the 170's.  I could afford to pay the $1500 because I am a working professional.  A lot of minorities do not have that option or the finances which leaves them behind the curve...

your logic on why minorities can't ace the lsat is ignorant and severely flawed!  you are making the assumption that all, if not most minorities do not have jobs or well paying jobs and can't come up with 1500 bucks.  in addition, you are saying they are all lazy and do not want to study unless they have top notch classes to attend.  aside from that, you do not need to pay that money to ace the lsat.  there are public libraries littered with materials, online free materials and relatively cheap books on the LSAT at bookstores.  for you to say that one MUST take a kaplan lsat prep class to excel is ridiculous.
Furthermore, plenty of non minority- i.e. whites do very very bad on the lsat.  some of them do not have money either.  although i am a first generation greek (my parents immigrated here in the 70's) i am not considered a miniority because of my skin color- im "european american" and if you look at the definition of minority in the applications, you will see the white box is often described as "of european descent".  that's me, even though i am not from this country per se.  so it is about color for the most part, if not all.  i can, however, self appoint myself as a minority, but they will see right through it and decide that i am white- even though i have dark olive complexion.

second of all, my garbage line was not an insult- it was an illustration and you won't comment because you know i am right about that.  if there were all white garbage men, our state would actively recruit more blacks and asians and what not.  but i will bet they aren't even trying to recruit more whites to the job.  and you can replace the sanitation profession with anything, it doesnt matter, its just the point. 

i hope this time you call it like it is- not how you WANT to see it.  be fair, you don't have to agree with me, but you should see both sides and know that i am not a bigot/racist or anything of that nature. 

have a blessed day

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