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By the way, here are some reasons for giving the tower a try:
1) free gym (save you $30/month)
2) free wireless internet, assuming you could get a notebook with a wireless card (another $30/month)
3) free utilities (water, gas, electricity…let’s say $25/month) 
4) no need to pay extra for transportation.

I have learned the importance of frugality when I was in graduate school ( the very expensive yet beautiful city of Santa Barbara).  Little $$ add up!

i just got my contract from "the tower."  my rent is only $650 for a 225 sq ft space (with a tiny kitchen).  i am thinking to just go with the flow...if the place sucks, then i will just move out next year.  if not, i save myself some trouble.  my suggestion is that you are there to get an education. the quality of life sure is important, but it is not the first priority.  I hope this will make you feel better, if you decide to stay at the tower and be my neighbor : )

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