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During my last 4 semesters, I was going to school full time at one university, and taking independent study classes from another university (and then transferring the credits)... So, when they see my academic record, it will look like I was going to two schools.

Suggestions on how to handle this? (I had a 3.95+ GPA at both schools during this time).

I agree. Add an explanation as an addendum, and include a letter from the school explaining their grading system.

my left and right margins default at 1.25" (using MS Word), but I'm wondering if I should use 1" margins.  Any thoughts?

you can deactivate LORs?

I also got a 149 on my diagnostic with Kaplan, and I was pretty concerned. I studied hard for 3 months, took about 20 practice tests, didn't do very well on test day, and still got a decent 162....

Law School Admissions / Re: LSACD?
« on: September 03, 2004, 10:20:29 AM »
I was wonering the same thing.... I've been reading some comments from admissions folks about how they (obviously) hate getting a PS that says how much a person wants to attend a different school. I'm wondering if LSACD causes problems with this... do you just attach a file (word, pdf, etc.) as part of the LSACD app.?

Law School Admissions / Re: How are you all doing?
« on: August 27, 2004, 03:00:25 PM »
which schools that you're applying to require dean's letters?

Choosing the Right Law School / USD scholarship recipients
« on: August 17, 2004, 10:12:48 AM »
For those of you going to USD with a scholarship....

would you mind posting your numbers and how much / what type of aid they gave you? I'm trying to decide if I should apply to USD, and (if accepted) I would only go if they gave me a scholarship.

who should an LOR be addressed to?....

Members of the Admissions Committee:

Does that work?

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