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love your enthusiasm. i was the same way this time last year. believe me, enjoy whatever free time you may have now, because aside from your family obligations, your life will be ALL law school. finishing up my first year, i'm looking back and wondering why i was so anxious to start the process i'm now so ready to finish- only two more years to go! :-\

Current Law Students / Re: What Kind of Law Are You Studying?
« on: April 24, 2007, 07:28:47 PM »
With criminal law, you won't have a problem finding a job. DA jobs are all over the place but keep in mind, they are usually on a volunteer basis. Many schools have an externship programs with DA offices and judges so at least working for credit will also be an option. Most jobs I saw only asked for a resume and in even fewer cases a cover letter in addition- so grades weren't even an issue. So in a nutshell, if crim is what you want, you'll easily find something.

As for sports law, it's really about connections and who you know, because getting into that sector is tough job wise. The only people at my school who got sports law summer positions all knew somebody who knew somebody or it was as a result of nepotism. That's just the way that industry works. So you will DEFINITELY struggle to find something if you don't know somebody. I also agree with Steve, you also want to go to a school in city where the sports teams are huge deals. Otherwise, your battle will be that much more difficult.

Job Search / Re: annoyed?
« on: April 24, 2007, 10:52:17 AM »
I'm also a 1L at a T3 with ZERO connections, and I was able to get a paid job. It's all about persistence and of course, applying early. Go to your career services office or even talk to some of your professors. There are tons of judges that want volunteer clerks. In the event my job didn't come though, I had about 3 judges I was going to clerk for (as a volunteer) as back up. They're out there. In fact, most of my friends don't have connections and were able to get paid 1L jobs. So it can be done.

Job Search / Re: So, how did the job search go 1L's?
« on: April 24, 2007, 10:46:44 AM »
well i can't vote since my job isn't an option, but i got a position working as a law clerk for a corporation's legal department. It doesn't pay $2600/week but I still pull in a decent amount of $ so I'm happy. In fact, in my school, a lot of 1L's were able to find jobs, paying ones at that. It's all about putting the work into the job hunt.

Job Search / Re: 1L Study Abroad - Am I shooting myself in the foot?
« on: April 24, 2007, 10:43:10 AM »
You may actually be able to do both. I'm also in my 1L summer and while I chose against doing study abroad (the job I got needed me start immediately after finals), most of my friends are doing it for 3 weeks and working for the rest of the summer when they return. So it is doable. Even if you can't manage to find a job that's willing to allow you to do study abroad, I would still go for study abroad. Your experiences abroad actually provide for great conversation pieces during your 2L interviews that definitely catch the attention of interviewers. I've spoken to enough 2L/3L's to know that doing study abroad your 1L summer is not an automatic death sentence. It really won't hurt you. It can only help. At least you're not sitting at home doing absolutely nothing. Now THAT would be bad. Good luck!

P.S. the easy A you get from your study abroad course will boost your g.p.a which of course is a good deal. ;D

hmmm. seeing as how it's finals time, I don't know that I could answer this totally unbiased. right now i wanna kill myself and wish i were in ANY other profession- i wouldn't mind taking a day off to flip friggin hamburgers, maybe then i'll appreciate my being in law for now, no i'm not glad i went to law school. the year, while it's had its successes, has been filled with drama i thought i left back at HS, and just way too many stress-filled nights. all i can think about are the loans that are piling up and whether i'll be able to graduate with a job to pay them off. i'd probably be making more money if i skipped law school and just became a paralegal in nyc where most bank at least $70k/year. ah well. too late.

Did anyone get an unsolicited scholarship offer from Florida Coastal? I assume it includes an admission offer along with the $$$! It was sent via email and mentioned my exact GPA and LSAT numbers.

I'm just wondering if this was sort of spammy or warrants a nice reply.

Everyone gets those pretty much. I got like 5 in the mail last year. No need to reply to it.


12,000 applicants
11,000 white applicants
500 Black applicants
500 other minority applicants.

Say 100 Blacks are numerically qualified or otherwise qualified.

Also say race cannot play a role at all in the decision process

Would a race blind system allow those qualified blacks a chance to reasonably compete for the slots at the school or would the odds dictate that they would be shut out?

What is worse, allowing race to be one factor and perhaps allowing a few people with somewhat lower numerical qualifications that may be explained by good reasons or forcing an entire group to be over-qualified (near 75%) to be able to reasonably compete for a spot in schools?

Race should NOT matter.  Qualified is qualified.  Enough said.

This is the most idiotic thing I've ever read. End/thread.

TITCR. Dude refuses to open his mind to the ideas being thrown at him. He refuses to believe that things, pardon the pun, aren't so black and white. WE DON'T LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE QUALIFIED IS QUALIFIED- RACISM HAS DICTATED SUCH.

Erwin, your posts have been much appreciated.

What gives people the right to discriminate like that based upon race?  We all work equally.  No one needs to be given preferential treatment based upon his or her race.  It only causes segregation.  Jesus.

Yes we may all work equally, but if you read my earlier hypo, because of the vast majority of racist shmucks out there in positions of power, we are not viewed as equal. So you will be treated better than me, for the most part, for the rest of our lives because you're white and i'm not.

Agreed.  I am for equality--nothing more and nothing less.  There is no need to segregate any more.  Race is about as relevant as what hand a person writes with or what type of car they drive.

You must be white and you must live in the suburbs to think that race isn't relevant anymore.  You think society can change that much in fifty years?

I am sure that in certain rural areas of the country, racial discrimination exists.  However, I still don't feel the need to have "separate" things for blacks, like scholarships.  Of course there are fewer blacks than whites in law school because the number of whites in America significantly outnumbers blacks.  I think it could be agreed that law schools only ask for an applicant's race for one reason--and that is not to give white students the advantage.  All races should be treated equally: an applicant should be awarded a scholarship or an acceptance to law school based on their qualifications and accomplishments.  Race should not be considered in any way.

Oh boy.  This one takes the cake.  It's very easy for you to say that there's no more discrimination except in rural areas, because you would have no reason to feel it.  You're white.  You only see things through the eyes of someone who is white.  If you ask a black person who would have occassion to feel discrimination if they think that we have eradicated it, I'm sure you would get a different response.  You haven't seen things from the other side (and neither have I, but I know there is another side), and until you have, I would advise you not to make generlizations that are nowhere near reality.  Thank you.

Take a look into my perspective for one moment:

Suppose you and I apply to the same law schools, with the same GPA and LSAT score.  You are accepted simply because the law school feels it needs more "diversity" to keep up with other law schools.  I am denied because there are "too many white people", although this is never explicitly stated.  I'm economically disadvantaged, as you are, but scholarships are only open to Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, left-handed people, people with green eyes, people who don't own televisions, and people who don't like pizza.  There's nothing for the average white person.

The thing is, simply being born white puts you at an advantage in life. It's better to be a poor white person than a poor black person.

How so?  Poor is poor.

Yes poor is poor. But I just said, being white in this country is better than being black. So I'd rather be a white poor person because chances are, I'd be getting that job at Mickey D's before a black poor person.

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