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Should we continue to both allow banks to make such catastrophic mistakes, such as those that lead to the mortgage crisis, and to bail them out after they do? 

If the banks need constant bailing out with tax payers' money, shouldn't they be regulated by the government so they don't make these colossal mistakes?

Seriously, I understand why we have to do it... but should we really be as tolerant of failure in financial services as we are?  It's not like people didn't warn that the housing market was a huge bubble. I remember reading Paul Krugman's comments about this in 2001 or something.  The Economist magazine has been discussing it since at least 2002. 

I like that there's a physicist on the show now.  I don't like that he's such a p*ssy.

Irish penny:  so cute.

yo d!  I dunno.  I worry about the preacherman offending some of the moderates who would otherwise vote for Obama.

"Board + Home - H + Israel - rael + killington - ton + USA - America."


hi tink.

to everybody else:  what the hell?  goats?

don't be fooled.  she still loves you bear.  I mean, you know... whenever she's not loving the rockstar.

Penny's not really upset.  She's just pouting because she wants attention from the bear.

that penny and dot photo is like the cutest thing since the puppies, btw.  i'm not saying that dot and penny are puppies.  just, you know, cute as.

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