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"pretty hot, but definitely not worth 4k/hour."

I agree.  She's hot, but she's a total jersey girl. I mean, not that that's bad or anything... just that she's not that unique.

Anthrax is like the name of some old and crusty scottish goat herder or something.  it rolls off the tongue.

Cry for the indians.  Die for the indians.

caveat:  I realize that anthrax is pedestrian when it comes to bioweapons, but i really just like the sound of it.  Anthrax is like the name of some old and crusty scottish goat herder or something.  thar he goes, ol' Anthrax again.  it just rolls off the tongue.

Yeah, but you can go either way with that one.  If having guns is just one area of self-expression that needs to be protected, then why isn't having anthrax?  Or weapons grade uranium?  Why can't I paint the grass on my front lawn blue, buy a spotlight and focus it on my neighbors bedroom and leave the thing on 24-7?  Why can't I take a crap in the street? Why can't I have sex with monkeys on the hood of my car when it is parked in front of a church on Sunday at 10am?

I don't know about you guys, but every time I try any of this stuff Johnny Law gives me a smack-down.

Look, bear, guns are weapons.  They're made for killing.  That's what they're designed to do. 
Sure. So are knives. Ban?

I've never seen anybody carve a turkey with an Ak-47.  Then, again, I don't live in Texas.

"Gun crime is an awful thing; but drunken driving kills exponentially more people. Smoking kills exponentially more people. Heck, fast food kills more people. If public safety (as opposed to public liberty) is our primary concern, then shouldn't we be banning Marlboros, Beers, and Burgers before we ban guns?"

Yeah, and time is the biggest killer of all so obviously I'm advocating the banning of clocks.

Look, bear, guns are weapons.  They're made for killing.  That's what they're designed to do.  We can't make them legal and then act surprised when they're used in the way they've been designed to be used.

Right now you can't legally have an anthrax farm in your basement.  That means that anthrax is only the property of the government and/or criminals.  Should we do away with associated laws and allow everybody to cook up their own brand of anthrax?  I mean, it's a free country right?

Anthrax farms...ROFL

Anthrax is the Georgetown of biological weapons, Antibiotic resistant Y. Pestis is where the money is at.


JP, say we do ban guns.  How do we get the 100 million or so out of circulation?

Confiscate them.  I mean, obviously it doesn't happen over night... but is it really better to just let things go as they have?  We have cities that are, in terms of killing, essentially war zones. 

Oh come on man, isn't this hyperbole? Gangmembers who are capable of killing other human beings will surely not willingly give up their guns. Heck, if anti-gun legislation has any effect, it's just going to end up in a rapid increase of stabbings. The culture is the problem here, the guns are just a means to an end. People in rural texas don't go capping their neighbors with their carry licenses.

Look people kill other people.  This is not new.  It happened in ancient f*cking Assyria and sh*t.  It's not going to stop, either.  It's not unique to America (look at Brazil or Mexico) and not unique to this century.  It happens.  People are crazy.  No gang members are not going to just hand in their guns.  Yes, there will still be violence (and even gun related violence) after a mass gun confiscation.

Laws aren't perfect or even perfectly enforced.  So should we get rid of them? 

I love this tactic.  The "ok, mr smartypants... how is banning guns going to solve hunger, poverty and disease?  What?  It won't?  You mean, you can ban guns and there will STILL be problems?  Well, then, obviously everybody should be able to carry a loaded gun and point it at any one they like."


People really go nuts and get angry and stuff.  It happens a lot. While nobody can prevent violence all the time, the consequences of people going nuts and getting angry and stuff are a lot less terrible when those people don't have guns.

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