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Dear Britomart,

We at Harvard are deeply disappointed by your recent infantile attempts to boost your LSN rating through obsessive, underhanded scheming.  We had such high hopes for you.  Consider your offer of admission revoked.

Marmaduke Lancaster, on behalf of Toby Stalk

awww, now this is just mean.

we may be forced to create brito GAK threads to compensate.

Oh, come on, this is mean.  I guess I deserve that...   :P

Nice try.  We know you started this thread.

Actually, it was me.

it's true.  frylock and i are the same person, and we're both britomart.

Britomart's,, LSN page has gone from mid-teens in popularity to near the top, covering more than 10,000 views in a couple of days, literally. She claims ignorance... but come on, right?

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