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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Cooley
« on: April 15, 2007, 08:30:31 PM »
People reference the rankings, because Cooley puts them all over their site, and actively pushes them. They take advantage of the misinformed, and it does it to a degree that cries for some form of regulation in the school ranking system, while US News has some major flaws, it at least uses somewhat intelligent criteria. The school is very close to my house, and I cannot tell you how much I wish it didn't ruin its reputation among the law community with its ridiculous ranking system. It is an accredited school, so I am sure it has its strengths, and does provide an usable education to those who graduate, but it has some serious cleaning to do to fix its image. It needs to remove its ridiculous ranking system, make it widely known that it seeks to promote diversity and has the most flexible of all the law school programs, improve its bar pass rate to something that is somewhere near the national average rather than at the very bottom and improve its career placement services, which are in obvious need of improvement if only 55% of their graduates can find a job in a reasonable amount of time. They need to play to their strengths and remove this false image they have created for themselves, once they do that, they will get the respect they deserve.

I'm an EE, I had every intent to go into IP law before I even began undergrad. I went into EE because it is an extremely useful degree for IP. The grade curve is particularly brutal on EE's, even among engineers. I had something like a 4.0 average in my english/social science classes, since those are the ones I have always been strongest, but barely survived the insanely hard engineering classes. Ended up with a lower end 3, which was still well above average. With that GPA, and the three years of technical work experience, I could get a 80-100k starting pay job right now. So, if an EE goes into law, it isn't because of money, it is because it is something they want to do, they actually take a penalty if they go into anything other than IP law. I am going to a low end tier 2, and will be very surprised if I run into more than one other EE there, I don't expect to have any trouble at all, I am used to a curve even harder than the one I will have in law school.

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