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General Off-Topic Board / Re: Should I go to law school?
« on: May 27, 2013, 05:02:25 PM »

Hi, First of All saraly range decided on the basis of experience and skills. Secondly, as your background is not related to the law, then it would be good for you to enrolled into some basic law programs before going into the law school. Study about product liability realm before going to make it your legal career. If you feel that you are comfortable and have also complete the basic level law courses then go to law school and keep intouch with the law firms for more assistance.


Thank you for your comment. Very good tip.

I am checking local colleges to see if there is a class that I can take as a guest student, can't be too expensive especially if its some community college.

I've been reading on product liability issues for a while now. I signed up for Google alert which brings me daily web content on "product liability" key word. It usually brings blog posts from different attorneys, its good general info.

Networking with law firms - yes, everyone rightfully brings up this point. I imagine myself graduating from law school, passing the bar what? Where is this horde of clients eagerly waiting for my legal help?!?!

Once in law school, I will try to offer expert witness services or some kind of consulting services (almost free) to any law firm that wants to talk to me. I will use it as a way to meet up legal guys and also get familiar with litigation process.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Should I go to law school?
« on: May 22, 2013, 02:05:33 PM »
1) Can you explain to me what lawyers do?

1) Lawyers practice law.

This brief response conveyed far more than I'm sure even you wanted it to. Don't go to law school.

As a prospective student, I see the same thing you do here... that's like saying "engineer's engineer". I'm hoping this is yet another case of mistaken sarcasm, as I've already fell victim to once today. And, as well all know, sarcasm on the Interwebs is a piece of cake to detect :P


Thank you for your comment. I disagree with your remark regarding sarcasm though.

I was asked a very broad question as lawyers do many things. 2 best answers that I came up with were: 1 - practice law, 2 - represent a client. I decided on first choice because it seemed a little bit more broad.

How would you answer that question yourself? Keep in mind that if your answer will be very narrow such as "lawyer drafts patents", you could open yourself to a number of hostile comments claiming that you omitted this giant fields of other things that lawyers do and therefor you don't know what you are talking about.

Furthermore, there was no reason for me to be sarcastic towards user IrrX. He is spending his time here answering my question at no charge. Why would I want to make fun of him??? I was not sarcastic to him in my other replies as well, it would be very strange that all of a sudden I decided to switch gears and make some inappropriate comment here which wasn't called for. I was merely trying to give thoughtful answers which would prevent reaction comments such as: "oh, you clearly don't know what lawyers do because you omitted this giant field of duties"

Also, please note that IrrX did not accuse me of being sarcastic or hostile at all. This is something that you came up with on your own dear sir.

Disclaimer: I am not being sarcastic in this reply :)

P.S. I purchased 3 powerscore books, first one is almost done. I am planning to take LSAT in October this year and than go from there. So, this discussion will likely take 1 year. Thanks to all who will participate in this discussion.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Should I go to law school?
« on: April 10, 2013, 07:16:34 PM »
A T2 school will in no way guarantee a job, of any kind, after graduation. Working in engineering instead of a legal environment while you're in law school will only aggravate this when it comes to hiring. Like Jack said, unless you're taking the patent bar and the firm needs a patent attorney, anything regarding engineering will be perceived as irrelevant (or even viewed negatively, as a waste of time that could've been spent doing legal work) to what they want you to do for them, which is almost as a rule grunt work in any area of law they personally don't want to handle, for any new associate.

I would be ok with doing grunt work, as long as its in personal injury field related to automotive industry, until I am comfortable to start on my own. 50k a year will be sufficient.

Because your goal is to be a partner in your own firm, anyway, you still don't have to go to law school. You just have to know something about business, including accounting, recruitment and hiring practices, marketing, business development, human resources, and know a couple lawyers, and you could be a managing partner of a firm tomorrow. They could even be 3Ls now, and creating the firm could be their first application of what they learned in Business Associations, or whatever they're calling it at their school, once they've passed the bar and are ready to jump into practice.

I love it! Out of the box thinking, I can always start something like
I want to be a lawyer though, so I am OK with going to school.

That expert witness thing Jack talked about: hugely lucrative. I can't believe how much those guys get paid. Do that, yesterday.

I thought about doing this many times. It's not time yet.

1) Can you explain to me what lawyers do?

1) Lawyers practice law.

2) What excites you about doing that?

2) Its difficult to give a short answer to this question. I will list few points and I can elaborate on them further if you'd like:

a. Opportunity to start my own business
b. Personal and professional growth
c. Opportunity to make more money
d. Its a new challenge



General Off-Topic Board / Re: Should I go to law school?
« on: April 10, 2013, 06:36:03 PM »
Do you want to take the patent bar? 

No. I posted my question on few boards and everyone is suggesting this. I may consider doing this although patent law is not something that I want to do.

Have you ever considered networking with attorneys to become an expert witness?

I have considered it as a hobby/side income many times. I decided not to do it for now because it could hurt my engineering career. The last thing they want is engineer releasing safety components who is familiar with litigation process, expert witnessing and whistleblower provisions. If I end up going to law school full time I will aggressively pursue this as a source of supplemental income.

It seems like it's almost impossible to predict where you'll end up after law school.  The most predictable areas are Personal Injury, Family Law, Tax, and Patent.  In other words, if you try hard to get into one of those practice areas, you have a much better chance than if you wanted to do Mergers and Acquisitions or corporate litigation.
I would be targeting Personal Injury field.

I think your background is cool, but many small firms won't care unless then need a patent attorney (which would require you to sit for the patent bar). 
Is this because patent law business is a "filler"? When no decent cases are available, there is always someone who needs a patent application drafted for a reasonable fee?

If you want to open your own firm, you need to consider how good you are at networking and selling, both of which are more important than your engineering background.
Yeah, these are part of any success story, no doubt.



General Off-Topic Board / Re: Should I go to law school?
« on: April 08, 2013, 11:24:57 PM »
Personally, if I were in your position, I would take the engineering degree and job experience to work for the Patent and Trademark Office. That would prevent the loss of three years' salary, the hassle of trying to find a job after leaving law school, and would provide a salary at least comparable to what you would be making after law school (if you found a job right away). So, instead of spending a ton of money for three years, you could be making it. I mean, it would be in DC, but I can think of far worse places.


Thank you for reply. Its an interesting idea. Being a firm owner or partial owner is very important to me.

You bring good point about salary lose though, I am a family man. If I end up going, I will most likely try part time program at T2 university. I have masters in engineering from good engineering college, at the time when they accepted me my department was ranked #2 in the nation. I did very well on GRE. I should do well on LSAT, predicting over 170, but I think I will pass on the top law school as I do not want to work for a top law firm. I want to work at a small, preferably my own law firm, so I will try to work as engineer and get the degree in the same time. I've done it with my MS degree. It was completely free after tuition reimbursement.

But again, you bring a good point, business case should make sense.



General Off-Topic Board / Should I go to law school?
« on: April 08, 2013, 04:29:05 PM »
I am considering going to law school. I would like to get some input from senior attorneys.

I have MS in Engineering, 10 years experience in automotive industry. At work I am responsible for design and release of safety components at a major OEM. I also help our legal guys answer interrogatories when we are being sued by someone. Of course, I consult only from technical side.

How helpful do you think my experience in automotive industry will be for my legal career in product liability realm?

Don't get me wrong, I'd don't want to go after my employer. Automotive OEMs operate very similarly though and I would have pretty good technical perspective at some of the running changes that they adopt.

If you are running a legal firm, would you hire a guy like me with law degree at a decent salary? What is a salary range can a person like me expect?

Thank you for feedback,


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