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Incoming 1Ls / Re: Seton Hall!
« on: May 15, 2008, 05:58:13 AM »
So for PT-day, you basically sit in the class with FT, but you just take less classes per semester?

That is correct, as a p/t day student you sit with and are graded against the f/t students (however, class rank still determined compared to other p/t day and evening students)...the two classes p/t students do not take first yr are crim pro and torts, a total of 7 credits.

Current Law Students / Re: Question about Civ Pro Supplements
« on: May 05, 2008, 08:32:35 PM »
i had both E&E and emanuel's and i found emanuel's to be MUCH more helpful...

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Seton Hall!
« on: May 05, 2008, 07:27:52 PM »
oh wow...thanks, i didnt know you could do that. If i take PT classes during the day, will I be with full time students? or is there another PT section? Also, whats your schedule like? I heard it was monday-wed the first semester which seems very enticing, and mon-thurs the that the same for PT day students?

yes if you go p/t day you are with the full time students (no p/t day section), and you will be graded against them...but that shouldn't be much of a concern if you are looking to transfer to f/t for schedule, i had classes m-f both semesters, might be different for p/t evening students...but i must say i was very happy transfering to the p/t day program....if you have any other questions i'm happy to answer them.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Seton Hall!
« on: May 05, 2008, 05:17:05 PM »
awesome, where are you both thinking of living?? and any of you going PT? I was accepted pt evenings, which I'm not excited about, but at least transferring to FT is supposedly pretty easy
current shu student....if you want to attend classes during the day you should ask if you can transfer from p/t evening to the p/t day program, newark isn't the nicest place at 10pm when night classes end....i went p/t day this yr and today was my last exam of 1L year...taking a class over the summer and have been pre-approved to transfer to f/t next yr.

Current Law Students / Re: 168, 3.6 gpa Rejected everywhere
« on: May 01, 2008, 10:10:34 AM »
Is it possible her PS was awful?  I mean, three minor pot possessions is not good don't get me wrong but if she really has changed she should be able to use her PS and LOR to cpnvey that...linking the PS to her drastic upswing in GPA after the bad times and, shoing how she overcame the bad times puts a positive spin on the situation...most adcomms like PS that show the ability to overcome adversity....

in any event, i would advise her to get in touch with the bar, if they tell her that the pot possession won't be a problem for admittance as long as she stays out of trouble and discloses she needs to RELAY that information to the schools she apploed to...she should also interview with adcomm members at the schools she would like to attend and personally tell them her story...

if that doesn't work i wouldn't advise her to give up...schools appreciate persistence, it shows that she truly wants to be a lawyer and being shut out the first time won't stop her...tell her to re-apply next cycle...maybe she could add something to her resume or an experience to add to a PS (working with troubled kids or something) those numbers are good and she should be able to get into a T1, more time between her application and her offesne won't hurt either.

Current Law Students / Re: Law Preview - Yes or No?
« on: May 01, 2008, 06:24:55 AM »
I agree, law school confidential will likely give you much of the same addition, if you really want to see what a class is like, I'm sure your school would allow you to sit in on a summer session class...although you probably won't find a contracts or torts or conlaw class to sit in on during summer session, you should still be able to get a feel for the socratic method and/or what goes on during a typical class.

just took property....there isn't much difference between covenant and eqitable servitude...the major difference is: if plaintiff wants to sue for DAMAGES you construe the promise as a real covenant...if plaintiff seeks an INJUNCTION or some other form of equitable relief you construe the promise as an equitable servitude....

the other major difference is that in order for an equitable servitude to be enforceable you need WITN (writing- original promise in writing; intent - for the promise to be enforceable, touch and concern the land - promise needs to affect the parties as landowners, notice - the party against whom the promise is being sought to be enforced must have notice of the promise (could be actual, inquiry or record)

The real covenant needs the four elements above PLUS in order for the burden to run with the land there must be HORIZONTAL privity between original parties (succession of estate - landlord/tenant relationship or grantee/grantor relationship) and VERTICAL privity between the succesive owners of the burdened property.  In order for the benefit to run with the land the four elements above are needed PLUS only vertical privity.

in sum, it is easier for a court to find a promise to be enforceable as an equitable serivtude (in courts of equity only) because there is no requirement of privity between parties.

it is also easier for a court to find that a real covenant's (in a suit for damages) benefit runs with the land compared with covenant's burden.

if this is confusing get emmanual's it explains it much better.

I agree, during the one open book exam I had I only looked at the outline once or twice, but it takes some serious pressure off when studying.  When you walk into an open book exam you have the assurance of having your outline, and if something comes up that completely catches you by surprise you can refer to the outline or book.  If that happens during a closed book exam you could be f'ed. 

Answer to the OP, since my exams are closed book, I study between 20-30 hours for each exam (after outline is complete).  Mostly memorizing the outline and trying to nail down some of the important policy considerations that are common throughout the course. 

Do you all have open book exams?  I am a 1L, first semester I had one open book exam (Civ Pro) and the rest were closed book.  This semester ConLaw and Prop are closed book....closed def sucks because it is much more pressure to memorize, but I look at it in a postive way by telling myself that the overall quality of closed book exams is probably pretty such, it is easier to distinguish myself so long as I don't completely blank...what do guys you prefer open or closed book?

do you have any idea what you want to do after school?  if you think public interest work is a possibility, coming out of brooklyn debt free is probably a better bet than fordhham w/ over 100k in debt....if you are hell bent on biglaw fordham gives you a better chance at mkaing that $$ to pay off those loans.

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