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I'm sure it's possible, but I don't know how it works from part time.  What are the credit requirements for a transfer applicant?  I know most deadlines are in July, so it's likely that if there were a deadline in July, a part time student wouldn't qualify for transfer after one year.

Just a thought if your goal is in fact to transfer.


Good point, if I go the SH part-time route and do not do well enough to transfer to the day program at SH I am screwed...tough call...I am going to put a deposit down at both schools and visit this week...see if I can get a better feel...

Studying for the LSAT / Should I take the June test?
« on: April 12, 2007, 08:22:47 PM »
I took the test in Oct and scored significantly below (155) where I was testing (consistent 165-167).  I self-prepared using study books, which in retrospect might not have been the best move...anyway...being naive and assuming that my work experience (legal assistant at BIGLAW manhattan firm for the past 2 yrs since graduating college) would help significantly in the application process and being extremely busy at work I did not retake in Dec or Feb...I have been wait-listed at a few T2 schools and been accepted to a few T3 schools....Ideally, I would like to retake the test in June...score between the 162-165 range, apply to a better school for THIS fall (st johns, fordham, william and mary, GW)...does anyone know if that is possible?

As for taking the test...I completely froze on test day...totally choked...usually a pretty calm confident test taker my mind went completely blank during alot of the test....if I decide to retake the test do you think it is necessary to take a prep class?? Unfortunatly I do not have much time to commit to an extensive prep you think I should simply review my test materials...retake a few more practice tests to get comfortable and then take it to see how I do??  Worst case scenario - I don't do any better and I go to one of the T3 schools I have already been accepted to, right?  Let me know your thoughts... 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: NYC Housing
« on: April 12, 2007, 07:36:53 PM »
I am new to NYC.  I am currently in NYC looking for housing.  I have been searching for a week for a studio.  I have learned that studio apartments in NYC and even Jersey City, NJ are going for about $1700-$2000 per month. I am in shock!

Am I being unrealistic to try to get something around $700-$900 per month  Is that price range possible with 1 or 2 roommates and if so, where?  I have heard parts of Brooklyn, Jersey City, and Queens to have those rates.  Is a 45 to 1 hour train ride to Manhattan worth the extra savinngs?

I have lived in NYC for the past 3 is possible to live here for 900 a month but you would have to find a good deal and DEF have at least one if not 2 roomates....alot depends on where you would like to gf lives on the upper east side and pays 1375 for a studio....nice area...close to all transportation...i used to live in a loft in the financial district (which has little to no night life/character the place is a ghost town after 8pm and on weekends)with 5 guys in an enormous loft and i paid 660 a is a decent way to look for aprtments in the city(be wary of brokers and their fees), but if you are looking for a studio in manhattan it is going to be 1250 for brookkyn/jersey city/queens...most desireable places in brooklyn cost almost as much as manhattan...i really dont know about jersey city...and queens is not a place i would want to live w/o a car...the 1 hr commute might be doable but the commute coupled with not living somewhere i wanted to live would not be worth the extra 300 a month savings to me..

i would advise contacting the school to see if they have a some type of forum/website for students looking for hosing in the area...maybe hook up with 1 or 2 incoming students and look to get a converted 3 br apt on the upper east/west can def get something decent for $1000/month....again craigslist might be something you could search to find students in a similar situation...good luck 

Assuming a top 10% first year, how difficult is it to transfer to a T1 from Albany, Seton Hall (evening + summer class) FIU or Hofstra?  Any insight is very much appreciated.


Take the Seton Hall PT for now and just keep your fingers crossed on the others. if it helps, I withdrew from my Hofstra acceptance about 2 weeks ago... that should free up 1 spot.

Yea, that is what I am thinking.  Thanks for the info.

Hey all, I am new to the board...I would liek some advice, insight, suggestions regarding where I am going to school next fall.  I have been admitted to Albany Law and Seton Hall's (part-time) evening program.  I have also been wait listed at Seton Hall for their full-time day program and Hofstra. Still waiting to hear from FIU. 

Anyone know liklihood of being offered a seat at SH or Hofstra off the waitlist?  Any thoughts on attending SH's evening program over Albany's day program?  I would appreciate any comments.


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